Don’t screw this up, America

Donald Trump stands behind Hillary Clinton at Second Presidential Debate / Getty Images

What a time to be Canadian, eh?

That’s not a direct shot at our neighbours to the south, but for the better part of a year now, Canadians have been able to live with a first-hand look at the historically terrible Presidential election going on in America.

Canada has its beloved, young and in with the times Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, who although hasn’t done much, or even anything since being elected, he is still better than what Americans will receive for the next four years.

The American version of Trudeau, speaking in terms of being ‘in with the times’, Barack Obama’s second term as President will soon end. Then either Tweedledee or Tweedledum will take over office.

November 8 is the season finale of the hit T.V. show ‘America’ starring Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton. The most watched and talked about reality T.V. in America, Canada and across the world.

We Canadians have sat back and watched some Americans cheer for Trump, and we’ve spoken to our family and friends down south about how they know Clinton isn’t much of a better option. But she will have to do so that a Trump presidency is avoided.

This entire campaign and election has felt like a reality show. It is one, if you think about it.

From the back and forth antics between the two candidates, Trump’s childish ability to debate and the multiple scandals, this election couldn’t be much more scripted. This feels like something straight out of Hollywood.

Before Americans go out to vote this election, we Canadians along with the rest of the world beg of you, don’t screw this up. Well with your two options you’re guaranteed to screw it up because it already is.

What happens during this election will have an impact on Canada and the rest of the world. We Canadians feel for you America, it’s a tough spot to be in but you did it to yourselves.

We thank you for one of the more entertaining reality shows to date. We appreciate the laughs and the surprises. When polls close and the announcement of who the next President will be is made, we will be watching and we hope it’s the character that won’t build a wall.

If Trump wins, we are in for another great run of American comedy, drama and horror. If Trump loses, we are in a similar boat where he can only whine and complain — there’s no chance he’ll have his opportunity to build a wall and hopefully he’ll go hide in a corner after this.

Thanks again America for entertaining us. We look forward to round two in 2020 when Kanye West runs to be your President. Just before you end this round of ‘let’s play a big joke on the entire world’, please, and we Canadians laughingly beg, please don’t screw this up.



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