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Don’t do it, I told myself. Don’t write another Donald Trump article or editorial. Our readers are probably sick of it. I should just leave the situation alone and form an opinion on a topic more relevant to Brock. But then I got an email that got me thinking.

The Brock Press, being that it is the student newspaper has overloaded the amount of articles we’ve written about the American elections and their candidates. Some, if not most of our articles on the topics, have seemed to be one-sided. Not Clinton over Trump one-sided, but rather anti-Trump one-sided.

According to one email I received this past week, we’ve begun to upset some people with our Trump articles — news related or opinion. I was told that “the hypocrisy is strong with The Brock Press”. This individual said he didn’t like me and didn’t like our newspaper as a whole.

However, in my opinion, a newspaper that can make its readers upset and form an opinion is doing something right, right?

I’m not saying we should be focused on Trump as much as we are for a campus newspaper, but the amount of attention Trump is getting from all sorts of media around the world is unprecedented.

I started looking at the opinion pages of some of Canada’s top news outlets –,, among others. These outlets have their fair share of Trump articles, some against and some for.

We as a student newspaper shouldn’t compare ourselves to them, but it seems Trump is creating readership for the dying journalism field. The guy who continuously bashes every other journalist he comes across and makes the media look evil is the reason most professional outlets are currently covering him.

The reason I told myself to try and write something else is simple: we have moved away from covering some stories that really need to be covered, not pointing my finger just at The Brock Press. As the collective media, we have failed.

But readers have failed as well. Giving the American elections (I’ll stop pointing just at Trump) this much attention from a media and readership perspective has put us in a position to forget about other going-ons around the world.

Just recently the Niagara West-Glanbrook riding held its by-elections. The Brock Press had a front page story about the 19-year-old Conservative who ended up winning that riding. The story mattered because Sam Oosterhoff is a Brock student, but also even a small election in our community matters. Yet, only 27 per cent of eligible voters voted.

You would think after watching and reading about the American elections, communities would wake up and go out to vote. An estimated 57.9 per cent of eligible voters voted in the American elections, and the results are what they are — I’ll stray away from upsetting anymore people.

But I guess we are in for four years of Trump stories, no matter who the news outlet is. The best part is, it’s finally getting people to read print.


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