Doctor Strange Dazzles

Benedict Cumberbatch stars as Dr. Strange in Marvel’s newest film /

The newest comic book adapted to film in the Marvel universe, Doctor Strange, is awesome — in the true sense of the word. The colours are mesmerizing, as are the effects created with computer generation. Doctor Strange is, to an extent, a lesser known character in the original Marvel comic series. On the big screen, it is difficult to imagine the character as anything less than incredible.

Doctor Strange was a concoction mixed with the right amount of action, drama and comedy. Although the typical questions of right and wrong were asked, director Scott Derrickson was able to present a fresh take on villains and heroes — at several points in the film, who was good and who was bad was not given to the audience clearly, but rather the information was slowly presented to them over the course of the film. This left the audience with the final decision. By the end of the film, some of the main characters continue to struggle with what’s right and what’s wrong — this leaves several questions of virtue and evil in a grey zone, an aspect of plot and script not always active in superhero films.

This film was also funny! It seemed that any time the film began to take on a more serious tone, there were some actually, truly honest-to-god clever jokes written into the script. I kid you not, there was genuine laughter in the theatre — the comedy flowed naturally and the jokes fit well with the characters’ personalities.

Benedict Cumberbatch was excellent. His American, super-confident take on Doctor Strange’s characterization was fitting. Even though it felt over the top at some points during the film, Doctor Strange is an over the top character, thus, the actor hit the nail on the head. Supporting characters were also fleshed out evenly throughout the film; although Doctor Strange was clearly the protagonist, his enemies and friends were explored and well-rounded. This is an accomplishment in itself, as Marvel’s films thus far have been touch and go at times with the amount of exposition versus plot — unfortunately, characters are often given hastily told backstories in order to skip forward to the plot of a two hour film. The decision makes sense, as two hours is not a lot of screen time, but it is unfortunate in some cases (Black Widow’s backstory in The Avengers: Age of Ultron).

Overall, the film was entertaining and satisfying.

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