BUSAC introduces indigenous acknowledgement as part of regular meeting

This past Wednesday, November 2 BUSAC held their sixth meeting of the year, ushering in a new crowd of presenters and even issuing a new tradition. The boardroom, located on the thirteenth floor of the Schmon Tower, was hosting almost a standing room-only crowd, with multiple presenters ready to take the floor when the time came. Speaker Istafa Sufi wasted no time in beginning the meeting promptly, explaining to the BUSAC assembly that it was important to recognize the indigenous culture in our nation and specifically, on campus. All attendees were in agreement with the introduction of a brand new ‘indigenous acknowledgment’, paying respect to the grounds on which the campus is located on and the culture that is soaked into Brock on a regular basis.

After going through the usual introductory points of the agenda, the floor was given to the group of presenters that had been lined up for that day. CASA, the Canadian Alliance of Student Associations was the first to present, explaining their commitment to student involvement on campuses nationwide. CASA is composed of 21 student governments (unions, associations, etc.), and represents over 250,000 students, taking issues under consideration at the local level to the federal level at Parliament Hill. While CASA holds guidance seminars for student representatives on campus to lead by example, CASA argues that campus representatives know their campus best and thus can advocate and lead activism in areas that are hot button issues for students at the local level.

Brock Musical Theatre also gave their best performance at the BUSAC meeting with the presentation of their budget and funding proposal for the 2016-2017 production season. Currently in preparation for their production of The Who’s Tommy this coming February at the FirstOntario Performing Arts Centre, the executive board and a portion of the creative team presented their plans for the future of the club. In accordance with Brock Musical Theatre’s main focus on campus, the budget proposal was complete with a performance from three-year club member and actor in Tommy, Austin Gagnier. BMT’s final funding proposal was for $16,972, with most funding being provided as a loan from BUSU, expecting to earn most if not all back from show revenue.

Capping off the presentations of the night was the Brock Sport & Business Association. Representatives Kurt Trinder (President and Co-founder) and Maxime Muria-Courchesne (CFO) explained BSBA’s main goals and objectives of bringing students from the Goodman School of Business and the Sport Management program together. While BSBA is a new club on campus, the founding members of the BSBA executive come from extensive backgrounds in business and specifically, the sports marketing industry, with Trinder himself having worked for the San Francisco Giants and the Charlotte Hornets. Throughout the year BSBA aims to host networking events for students in the Goodman and Sport Management programs in order to further their business profile and allow for future career growth and prospects. BSBA’s total budget came to $16,850 with their final ask from BUSU being $3,850.

At the end of the night, BUSAC voted on how funding would be approved for the two clubs on campus with the final result being Brock Musical Theatre obtaining $16,972 in loan and the Brock Sport and Business Association obtaining $3,850 as a grant.

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