BrockTV referendum results; BUSU senate election

Zoya Rajput won a Senate seat with 67% of the vote / Facebook

From November 8-10, the 2016-17 Brock University Students’ Union Council (BUSAC) By-Elections were sent out through email to the student population at Brock. The purpose of the referendum was to determine whether BrockTV would continue to receive funding and to fill the open Senate position on BUSAC.

BrockTV’s slogan for its election campaign, ‘Keep the cameras rolling’, proved itself to be successful last Thursday when the results were announced. BrockTV received 81.5 per cent of the student vote to maintain their student funding.

David Berryman, the Referendum Campaign Manager and the person who coined the catchy slogan, stated that he wanted to thank all of the students that took the time to vote.

“BrockTV hopes to continue to provide students with what they want to see,” said Berryman, “We are always looking for your voice and your vision.”

BrockTV now has a sense of guaranteed comfort in terms of funding for the next five years. The next referendum will take place after five years because BUSU’s policies allow students to regularly have input on what organizations and facilities on campus deserve student funding.

In regards to actual voter numbers, approximately 14 per cent of the student population voted. That means that 2447 votes were counted out of a total population of 17,549 students. Despite low voter turnout, the percentage of students who voted is  slightly higher than previous referendums. This increase may be because  the election days coincided with the day of the American election results, causing a wave of political interest amongst those with no previous interest.

Although BrockTV’s referendum passed, results on BUSU’s website showed that 425 students voted against the continuation of funding. One may speculate that reasons for an against vote are due to the costs, since students will now be paying $3.05 per credit towards BrockTV as part of their tuition. For a full course load (with most students averaging 5.0 credits per academic year), that means students will be paying an extra
$15.25 each.

Nonetheless, BrockTV staff seem to be genuinely flattered and excited to have gained the popular vote and vow to keep students happy with their work.

“We have seen support from the entire university, and for that I can not thank you enough,” said Mitch Morrone, BrockTV Executive Director, “BrockTV is going to continue to ‘keep the cameras rolling’ creating dynamic new content for all students.”

For the open Senate position, students voted in Zoya Rajput. Rajput’s main campaign focuses lay in providing more accessibility to resources on and off campus in hopes to raise awareness and provide support to the importance of mental health at Brock.

With over 67 per cent of the students voting Rajput into the Senate position, she plans to show Brock that she was the right choice.

“Getting this position on Senate has got me feeling absolutely ecstatic and very blessed to be given the opportunity to work on BUSAC,” said Rajput, “and that was only possible from all the wonderful support I got from the Brock student body. I am enthusiastic on what I plan to accomplish as senate.”


The October By-Election is the last of its kind for the 2016 year but elections to vote for the next executive team will take place during the winter semester. If you are interested in learning more about the BUSAC election results, please visit the BUSU website at

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