Brock’s GoLive to host ongoing charity busking event on campus

GoLive’s executive team works cohesively / Kat Powell


If you notice campus becoming a little more musical in the coming weeks, it might be because of a BUSU-ratified club that’s raising money for a charitible cause. GoLive, a campus club focused on giving opportunities for avid musicians to collaborate and perform in the community, will be hosting GoBusk for Change, a series of performances held around campus.

GoBusk for Change will be taking place on a weekly basis from Monday, November 14 to the end of the second academic semester in April at various predetermined “Busk Stops” on campus, with the initial location for buskers being in Walker Complex. Students will be able to listen to acoustic-driven campus talent on a weekly basis.

“The whole point is for not only students but for performers to come out,” said Vanessa Cservid, President of GoLive, “with any change that [performers] collect going to local charities in the Niagara community.” Cservid and Wasim Demachkie, the Treasurer/Secretary of GoLive said that the club has been considering donating to a different cause or organization based on a prevalent topic each month. “Movember may be a great cause to support for November for us” said Demachkie, also noting that charitable donations can be suggested by performers who have signed up to busk in the coming weeks.

GoLive has, for the most part, been driven by Cservid and her colleagues from the beginning of the 2015-2016 academic year at Brock, with the club gaining BUSU ratification in January of 2016.
Cservid is in her third year of the Medical Sciences program at Brock, and really wanted to focus on providing a resource to connect and perform with other musicians in the Brock community, regardless of academic background. “There are not many [music-oriented] clubs for students to join at Brock,” said Cservid, “it’s really amazing that we have the new Marilyn I. Walker campus, but there are limited resources for students interested in music right here [at Brock’s main campus.]”

Kirk Danuco, third year student in Brock’s Mathematics and Computers and Applications program and Vice President of GoLive and Demachkie noted one of the main focuses of the club this year was to focus on it being (or becoming) an ‘incubator’ for student musicians. “We’re looking to give students the resources and opportunities really needed to learn as musicians and get themselves out there,” said Demachkie, “we want to help students who may not have an instrument of their own but know how to play or want to learn.” GoLive is currently seeking partners within the St. Catharines and Niagara community to help them grow as a club and be able to provide more assistance to student musicians in need, most recently reaching out to organizers at IndoorShoes Music, a venture started by a former Brock Alumni with very similar ideas in mind.

For more information on GoLive and how to get involved in GoBusk for Change, please visit: or check out their bi-weekly Open Mic, the most recent happening on Tuesday, November 15 at 6:00p.m. at Isaac’s Bar & Grill.

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