Brock Residence launches Suites campaign for upper-year and graduate student campus living

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The Department of Residences at Brock announced this past October that they would be expanding housing offered on campus for upper-year and graduate students as per a survey taken in the 2015-2016 academic year. After a rush of demand for the Gateway suites (located down the road from the main Glenridge campus), Brock Residences filled every suite with upper-year students and have made the decision to expand into other residence locations for the next upcoming academic year.

In a survey that was available to on and off-campus students last year, upper year students as well as those in Brock’s graduate programs indicated that they were seeking more flexibility and resources for on-campus housing, including the ability to “pay month to month and live with other upper year and graduate students,” said Director of Residences Jamie Fleming to the Brock News in an article published October 27. Fleming also mentioned that suites offered to upper year and graduate students for the 2017-2018 year will offer “all-in” billing, including service for internet, cable, laundry and a Brock parking pass.

While the original Gateway suites, opened in September of 2015, will still be available for rental contracts through Brock Residence for the next academic year, students will also be able to select upper-year and graduate-only designated suites within the already existing Quarry View residence townhouses. Quarry View residence was established at Brock in the fall of 2003, offering three- and four-bedroom suites for students in stacked townhouses, divided into six blocks. The Quarry View townhouses are fully furnished and are currently available for residence contracts during the academic year from September to April. They are also available during the Spring and Summer months for those who choose to either take courses during the semester between May and August or for students requiring housing for other reasons.  The Quarry View residence is located directly across from the main campus, with nearby amenities including restaurants and smaller stores in a plaza, including a pharmacy and walk-in clinic.

Rental contacts for the suites being offered for the 2017-2018 year to upper-year and graduate students will be open to any students in second year and above, and start at an average cost of $695 per month for the 12-month contacts. Students will be placed according to their preferred suite style and will be placed with solely other upper-year and graduate students in order to ensure a like-minded community, as per requests by students who completed the residences survey in 2016-2017.


For more information on Brock Residence and the new suites being offered for upper-year and graduate students, please visit: or contact the main residence inquiry line at (905) 688-5550 ext. 3370 or at

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