Brock launches new campaign and website for new president

Brock University has been without a permanent President for months at this point. In hopes of soon acquiring someone to fill the position of President and Vice-Chancellor, an Advisory Committee has been created to make the task easier.

According to the Presidential Search website, the committee will be made up of all different members of the Brock community, including trustees, faculty and staff. With the diversity of members, it allows for a fair choice and assessment of candidates. Gary Comerford, Chair of the Advisory Committee on the Presidency and Vice-Chair of the Board for Brock, says that he and the rest of the committee are confident that they will find an inspiring and innovative leader to represent the school community.

The Advisory Committee on the Presidency has been established with the participation of 15 different individuals, three of which are non-voting participants. As a group, the committee’s main task will be to recommend who should be considered for the role of president and present them to the Board of Trustees.

In order to ensure that the individual they pick is a good fit for all of Brock, each time a new President is needed, a mandate and role profile is created and released which outlines the specific needs and responsibilities of whoever takes the position.

On the Presidential Search website, a draft of the document that was used for the last search is linked and the committee invites the Brock Community to read and respond to what is included; to voice any concerns and to suggest any additions that should be made.

The document includes values of the school community, the history of and facts about the school, information about the different faculties around Brock, the student experience and, lastly, the guidelines for the role and what kind of characteristics, experiences and leadership attributes are required for the candidacy.

The Presidential search process takes place over a number of months to ensure the best candidate is put forward. For more information about the Presidential Search program and the Advisory Committee on the Presidency you can visit Any and all updates about the process are said to be uploaded to the site.


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