Bieber, other celebrities and our generations’ untapped potential


It’s pretty easy to see that once people get to university or even just in young adulthood, a lot of the young celebrities we see in news headlines are around the same age as us. There are times before we were even 18 years old that people our age would breakthrough in Hollywood — for example, Disney stars or Justin Bieber (arguably the most loved and hated celebrity during my time in high school).

It’s odd to watch and think to yourself that an individual similar in age is making millions of dollars. You begin to start thinking, what the heck am I doing with my life? How did they end up where they are and how am I here stressing about university?

The simple answer is: use their success as motivation for yours. They were blessed with talent or money and took a different path to success. We may not be what is considered ‘talented’ but we still have untapped potential. We go through a little more stress and anxiety because of school, but we still have a path to find how we can be successful.

I myself am a sports fanatic — a huge Toronto Blue Jays fan. Pitcher Roberto Osuna, for the Blue Jays, was born almost six months before me. Over the past two years he’s pitched in high leverage situations for the Blue Jays. Basically he is living my childhood dream of playing Major League Baseball.

Until I was about eight-years-old I believed I could be an MLB player. It didn’t happen and now watching Osuna has me in awe that someone my age can be there, while I’m at home criticizing him for his mistakes in the game.

This past weekend Andrew Wiggins, one of the best basketball players to come out of Canada, 21 years old, scored 47 points in a single game. Bieber is only 22, although he seems to be older since he’s been in the spotlight for so long. Ariana Grande is 23 and Selena Gomez is 24. Damn it, Albert Tsai, who was just on Jimmy Kimmel this past week is 12 years old.

Here I am writing about these celebrities. Some around my age, others almost 10 years younger than me.

It makes me stop and think how odd life is and how everyone’s path is different. That’s what we need to remember, everyone’s path is different. The journey is a long one and success is defined differently. It’s how you approach your success, how you untap that potential and how you overcome obstacles.

Use Sam Oosterhoff as an example. He’s 19-years old and now a candidate for the PC government in Ontario. He’s no Bieber, Osuna or even Tsai, but he’s found his path. Still unclear if he can be successful or not, Oooserhoff’s success comes with following a dream and passion of politics. Sure we can have the conversation of if he’ll end up being a good politician, but the fact is his path is different than most of us.

Maybe it’s our hate against Bieber or our difference of political views from Oosterhoff that we should use as motivation to find our path to success. Don’t let the ‘your generation is lazy’ kind of people knock you down and don’t let the ‘unemployment rate is at an all-time low’ stop you from following your dreams.

To be honest, it’s mind-blowing and pretty cool at the same time to see people our age or younger do what they’re doing.

So here we are, reaching the end of another semester and still searching for our successes. Let these people of our generation, love them or hate them, be your motivation to know that anything is possible.

We aren’t the lazy generation or the generation that’s scared there aren’t enough jobs out there for us — yet we must continue to fight for more jobs to be created, equal pay and equality — our generation is one that will overcome some tough obstacles. And these young celebrities are our motivation.


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