Badger Babble: What do you think of the recent U.S. election?

We asked students on campus their thoughts about the new president elect, Donald Trump and what they think is to come in future.

Olivia Shaw / Chloe Charbonneau


Olivia Shaw
First Year, Medical Sciences
“I’m definitely not happy that Trump was elected. This decision could alter the global economy drastically. He’s also not for climate change, which is a huge issue worldwide right now. In terms of his [more socially-related] views, I don’t think they correlate with how we, as Canadians, support each other and I really wonder about what it says about America overall if they vote [a candidate like Trump] into office.”


Matt Campbell / Rounaq Chabra


Matt Campbell
Fifth Year, Political Science
“America just got ‘punk’d’; an internet meme just won the presidency.”
On Trump’s worldwide impact: “I think we’re going to start shutting down the global order and [America is] promoting isolationism. The United States is going to lose lots of jobs, I think the American people have just been conned.”

Brynn Pednaud / Rounaq Chabra


Brynn Pednaud
Third Year, Psychology
“I just think it’s going to go so downhill. I feel like a lot of people have been [asking] ‘how did he win?’ because everyone thought that Hilary would succeed; people thought that Clinton was the popular vote and yet he got in. I hope it ends well.”
On the Canadian impact: “I hope it doesn’t affect us as negatively as some think it will, [Justin Trudeau] and him campaign on very different things.”


Mitch / Rounaq Chabra


Library Assistant
“[The election is] definitely exciting! I think Justin [Trudeau] is going to do whatever he wants, regardless of what Donald Trump does. Trump is going to do his own thing, and hopefully doesn’t burn [America] in the process. I’m very indifferent on [him getting into office.] I think Hilary would’ve been a bad president as well so there weren’t any ideal candidates [for America] to choose from, but I’m not voting on it.”

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