Ultimate Frisbee teams find early success

The Brock University Ultimate Frisbee Club travels and competes in various tournaments across Canada.

Ultimate is a non-contact team field sport played with a flying disc or Frisbee. Points are scored by passing the disc from teammate to teammate until the disc is caught within the opposing team’s end zone. The sport of ultimate is experiencing a massive surge in popularity in recent years as it is now included in the World Games. Additionally the American Ultimate Disc Association (AUDA), the league which organizes professional ultimate in North America, has in only four seasons established 26 teams and a growing fan-base in cities like Toronto, Ottawa, Brooklyn, Atlanta and Los Angeles.

“It’s a niche sport, not many people know about it. At Brock, with us getting club status, we started getting more people knowing about it and coming out for the team. I see the trend that it’s rising in popularity. Lots of kids who used to play soccer or other sports are coming over to play ultimate now because the skills are so transferable,” head coach, Jeremy Hill told The Brock Press last year.

The men’s team experienced a difficult transition between last year’s season, which saw them finish with their best record in club history, to the current 2016 season. Not only did the team lose a core group of veteran players who had been on the team since 2012 but their co-captain and most valuable player, Hill, suffered a knee injury over the summer preventing him from playing in any games this season. Half of the roster is made up of rookies who were relied on heavily to fill necessary roles on the team.

Both the Men’s and the Women’s teams travelled to Kingston to participate in the Canada’s Eastern Division Tournament on the weekend of September 24.

On the first day of the tournament the Men’s team lost to Western but would come back and win the remainder of their games. Downing Carleton B 13-2 and Queens B 13-4, the team bounced back and went into their final game against the University of Ottawa with confidence. The entire game was very closely matched and the Badgers took a 8-6 score into the second half over Ottawa. However, Ottawa struck back and got three quick, unanswered points. As time was running out Nathan Hiseh took control of the offense with great deep throws to steady the pace for the Badgers and equalize the score. Mike Kardy pitched in with several catches for goals late in the second half. Lastly, Jake Wojcziuk stepped up on the defensive side for the Badgers and prevented momentum from changing back to Ottawa’s favor. In the end the Badgers took the win in a narrow 13-9 victory. On the second day of the tournament, the Badgers defeated the York Lions but fell short in their final two games, loosing to the Ryerson Rams in overtime, for a total record of 5-3. The men’s team finished seventh out of 19 teams.

“It took a few shifts for the rookies to get their feet wet but everyone got used to it quickly. Everything started to click as they found their roles,” said Hill after the tournament.

With this performance, the Men’s team has a very good chance to qualify for the first tier at the Nationals tournament which will be held in Montreal on the weekend of October 16.

The Women’s team lost two games on their first day of the Eastern Tournament but fell to Carleton B 11-4. The next day the Badgers earned victories over McGill B and Toronto B beating both teams by large margins. The Badgers went 3-3 and placed 13th out of 16 teams.

“We’re making a big effort to have the Women’s and Men’s teams support each other this year. Even though we’re not playing together it’s all under one club. We watch their games when we play and they watch ours,” said Hill.

The two teams will travel to compete in Hamilton at the Steele Town Tournament where they hope to improve their records and qualify for Nationals.


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