Talewind: Deceptive in its simplicity

Wind Limit Studios’ new platformer Talewind / screenshotdaily.com

With smooth mechanics, beautiful art and cute characters, Talewind is a game that at first appears to be an easy, enjoyable 2D platformer. This is only half right. Although the game becomes enjoyable, it is anything but easy – one touch from a designated enemy and you start back at your last save.

Talewind has five controls, two of them being moving forward and backward, and is thus fairly simple for a platformer game that ends up being extremely complicated. As the game progresses, these simple controls end up requiring a level of skill that takes some serious practice. That being said, the surprising difficulty you find upon progressing through the game is in itself enjoyable. Games that force you to work at them can be frustrating, but these games are often the most rewarding.

The enemies you face will kill you if you touch them. Talewind demands that its players play and replay levels, and in this way also gives you a chance to take in the art and animation – which is beautiful. The game begins at the bottom of a mountain and as you progress upwards, you are also able to take in the beautiful, lively backgrounds and foregrounds. As the game centres upon a source of wind for its storyline, the environments that you travel through are full of the wind and thus feel as alive as the characters within them.

The only downside to this game is the soundtrack. Although it is very sweet and melodic, it can get repetitive and a little annoying. Although it is difficult to achieve, the goal of a game like this is a soundtrack that does not get on your nerves, even after your 80th try with the second boss.

All in all, I highly recommend Talewind. The game is accessible at a price of $9.00 and is available for several different gaming systems it is playable on, and it’s a fun way to spend the rest of your life.

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