Killer clowns come to campus?

Creepy clown stalks forest / Getty Images

Thanks to Stephen King, clowns are among some of the worst nightmare-inducing characters in popular culture. But when they start appearing on the edge of a dark forest, rattling chains and attempting to lure children into said forests with them, those nightmares becomes a lot more real.

Recently in a town in South Carolina, USA, sightings of creepy clowns – or people dressed in clown costumes with painted faces and masks – have started to cause panic over the safety of neighbourhoods, and especially the safety of children. Since then, reports of these supposed “killer clowns” have been popping up all over America and have quickly made their way to Canada, the United Kingdom and even Australia.

With some reports coming out of the U.S. of people being harmed and even killed, many people have the right to be concerned.

Nova Scotia, Quebec, Ontario and Alberta have all been home to sightings in the past two months and a lot of the locations have been centred around university and college campuses, according to a Global News article from October 7.

But taking that into consideration, and the fact that young adults are always wanting to get in on the most current trend, how many of these “killer clowns” are just the average kid in a clown suit looking to give someone a good scare?

As we get closer and closer to Halloween and the ability to get clown supplies is incredibly abundant, it can seem like a lot of fun for some people. However, if you think about how some people may have legitimate fears or think about the actual threats and related crimes that have been happening in the U.S., it doesn’t seem like such a joke.

In Ontario, people have been findings clowns everywhere from Burlington to Sudbury and on school campuses such as the University of Waterloo and the University of Guelph. Your home away from home really isn’t somewhere you want to fear for your life.

So not only do students now have to worry about midterms, but also  that someone dressed in a clown costume is going to come and try to terrorize them.

Thankfully, Brock University has been clown free and there has only been two reports of  clown sightings in the Niagara Region on Welland’s Main Street Bridge, according to the St. Catharines Standard and at a Walmart located on Welland Avenue.

Most of the time these creepy clowns don’t even bother doing very much, instead they are just reportedly sitting on park benches and trying to get a rise out of their audience – just like a real clown would.

Except real clowns are actually trying to make people happy instead of terrified. Legitimate  clowns from all over the world are firing back at all the misconceptions people are now getting about their profession. Global News also interviewed a man who has been in the field for over 30 years and expressed his discontent over the negative light being shed on fakers, stating that “[we] have to remember these are not clowns,” but are just “people dressed up in clown costumes who enjoy the power of being able to terrorize people.”

With offending a real line of work that has existed for decades, terrifying innocent people and causing mass panic all over the globe these killer clowns are really starting to get on the nerve of a majority of the population. Hopefully, this fad comes to an end soon as 2016 starts to wind down.

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