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Evan Vatri is a History and Dramatic Arts student / Rounaq Chabra


After 5 years spent at Brock Evan Vatri has grown very fond of his home here in the Niagara Region. Born in Barrie, Ontario but raised in Alliston, this homegrown boy traded potato farms for the rich Vineyards of Niagara.

“Growing up in a rural setting was interesting, you really got to know your small community; it was a solid place to grow up and I wouldn’t change it but there’s not much to do. We find our own fun, barn parties… Potato Fest, got to love Potato Fest”

As a student of History Co-op with a minor in Dramatic Arts,  Vatri didn’t have a very difficult time in choosing Brock.

“I’ve always loved the Niagara Region, and Brock is one of the few universities that actually offer my program.”

Starting in 2013-2014 Vatri first became involved with Brock Musical Theatre (BMT) and their production of Avenue Q, in which he played Brian. This was really a jumping off point for Vatri.

“I fell in love with theatre. I’ve always loved theatre and being from Alliston there aren’t a lot of ways to express it properly and Brock gave me a medium to express that… I’ve just loved Brock Musical Theatre and the family it created and now I’m hoping to foster and create a family with BMT.”

In his third year Vatri was also part of BMT’s production of Little Shop of Horrors as Mr. Mushnik but then made the transition to the Executive Board of BMT last year as Assistant Marketing for their most successful show to date, Green Day’s American Idiot. This year Vatri has become the President of Brock Musical Theatre.

“It has been an honour to be entrusted with the security and well being of the club, as well as this years upcoming production of The Who’s Tommy.”

A skill Vatri says he’s learned outside the classroom is to use his natural gifts as a people person. The environment at Brock helped him grow and learn to use his sociability to connect with others and network.

With graduation fast approaching him and the future of his career and prospects ahead, thoughts of post-Badger life are weighing on Vatri’s mind.

“I’m looking forward to potentially seeking a career in the museum field or with Parks Canada. I want to be effectively using my degree. With that I want to be able to help present a town or city’s history to the public, because I believe that history is all well and good, but it has to perform a service. If people do not actively engage with their history, they will forget it and lose it, and of course as we all know, ‘those who don’t learn from their history, are doomed to repeat it.’”

Confident and prepared for a life post-Brock, Vatri is thankful for the lessons he has learned while here at Brock. He is thankful for Brock’s commitment to seeing him succeed both personally and academically.

Brock has also helped Vatri gain a greater sense of independence and feel fully equipped to take on the real world “with a smiling face.”

After having spent five years here at Brock, Vatri’s departure will have a bittersweet feeling for him. After experiencing so much in his time here he wishes to leave other Badgers with some of the advice he learned here.

“Don’t be afraid to do things that push your comfort zone, get involved within your school community. For example, join a club because you’ll never know who you’ll meet and where that’s going to take you.”

In terms of academics and his best tips for baby Badgers, Vatri maintains that while extra-curricular activities are great, studying needs to take priority. “Don’t neglect your studies as well, you need to be able to strike a balance. Don’t be afraid to talk to your professors, because they are humans … they’ll be able to help you network. You’re also going to hit some bumps in the road, but just know they’re there for a reason and you’ve just got to keep marching on with a smiling face because you never know what’s around the corner.”

-Natalie Moore, Contributor 

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