Facebook Live now allows you to create your own reality TV show

Facebook Live mobile steaming screen / BBC.com

Reality television is something you  either love or care very little for. It seems that reality TV, or what we believe to be ‘reality’, is becoming less and less popular than what it was a few years ago. Some of the top-rating shows only last a few years like Jersey Shore, while others continue to haunt us like Keeping up with the Kardashian’s.

Obviously I have no right to say what you should and shouldn’t watch on television, and who’s to say the Kardashian family isn’t trying to truly show us how difficult it can be to live a rich and luxurious life by doing very little to no work.

Before this becomes a personal rant let’s get to the actual point of this editorial: truth is, reality TV is all around us and everything is constantly being recorded. We are very much a part of it. We are the main characters, we are the producers, the directors, the camera crew and we even occasionally become the script writers – filming a Snapchat multiple times until you and your friends get it right – we are Reality TV on the go.

When we use social media, we don’t take into consideration that our lives are being put on display for the world to see, even if our accounts are on private. Snapchat stories, constant Instagraming with added location and creating Facebook status’ (or ‘checking in’ as Facebook calls it) allowing your friends and more to see where you have been, where you currently are and where you’re going.

Recently, Facebook has decided to take this reality TV that they allow you to create to another level. Facebook Live is right at our fingertips and can be used by anyone with a Facebook account. Soon enough Facebook will become the main source of television – and what really hurts, Facebook might be the one to put the finishing touches on the dying field of journalism.

I’m pointing my finger only at one outlet, but the truth is Twitter has also taken advantage of something similar to Facebook Live (adding TV to their platform). Twitter Periscope is similar to Facebook Live, but both were created after YouTube Live.

Even earlier this year Twitter became the first social media platform to stream sporting events. Twitter became the rights holder to stream the National Football League’s Thursday night games. Twitter will reportedly pay the NFL $10 million for the global rights, which wasn’t even the highest bid as Verizon Communications, Facebook and Amazon were all interested in the opportunity.

This Twitter and NFL deal allows one of the most popular North American sports to be broadcasted live on a platform that is constantly being updated with the latest going-ons around the world (who buys cable now anyways?).

But the Twitter and NFL live streaming deal is no Facebook Live. With Facebook Live anyone can film almost anything and anyone can watch for free. I could literally film my day to day life for you to watch, not that you would want to watch my days.

With Facebook Live people have streamed when they get pulled over by a cop, they’ve shown behind the scenes of protests (or Donald Trump rally’s) and celebrities have even begun showing their lives on Facebook.

This is the digital world we live in. As if showing our location wasn’t enough, we can now bring people with us through Facebook Live.

According to techcrunch.com, Facebook Live usage is up four times since May. To add to my earlier point of who’s using the broadcasting tool: Tech Crunch mentions that streams are coming from all seven continents and even outer space. This Facebook broadcast is generating people to comment 10 times more than a normal video and people have the tendency to watch three times longer than a non-Live video.

Our lives, if not already on display enough, are now becoming even more public. Instead of watching the Kardashian’s, we’ll be filming our own shows. Vlogging, which is blogging but in video form, is going to become much more popular than it ever has been. Our lives are about to become more public.

Life used to be simple. We use to watch others drink, fight, cry and do much more on TV to create ‘reality’. Now we just watch each other – and that in itself is creepy.


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