Why The Brock Press matters to us

Last week, Brock University’s annual two day Vendor Fair was a success for everyone involved. The Brock Press table got a lot of positive feedback from the students and the energy around us was more than what we expected. During the two days we here at The Brock Press were selling the fact that we are the student voice for news the Brock community needs to hear. We are a student run newspaper and students writing for students. Below our editors will elaborate why The Brock Press is important to them and why they want to bring the best possible content to the students and Brock community.


Satbir Singh | Editor-in-Chief

As the Editor-in-Chief of The Brock Press it’s not just one section I take pride in. To me it’s making sure the entire publication from article to article is up to the standard students expect it to be. I started working for the press in first year and have loved every minute of it as I am now in my third year. The Brock Press continues to be important to me because I have the passion for journalism, but also gives me a way to get involved on campus. Not only is the environment inside our office always positive, but when I step out of the office I have met so many new people and continue to receive positive feedback. Our goal here is to bring the best content on a weekly basis and that challenge is something I enjoy. Even with the newspaper industry dying, we still need campus newspapers so voices from all sides of the school are heard. And being able to allow everyone’s voice to be heard from students, professors, staff, faculty and the community makes not only The Brock Press great, but it really brings everyone together.

Connor Allen | Sports
As I grew up I was very sports oriented; if I wasn’t playing hockey on Saturday’s then I’d be playing football for my high school team. But after high school, that was when it all ended. I was no longer able to continue playing organized sports not because I wasn’t skilled enough, or suffering from an injury, it ended because I simply wasn’t big enough to compete with other players. Sports brings people together, no matter what the event, whether it’s a group of friends, a school, or even a country, sports always brings people together as they cheer on their favourite team. With all the magic that sports has on people, I wanted to continue sharing in that passion by writing quality writing that keep you up-to-date with your Badger team, but also give the players and teams some recognition for all that they have done.

Alena Kondratieva | Campus News
Since The Brock Press is an independent student newspaper, our main priority is to provide Brock University students with reliable news directly relating to anything happening on campus. That is why my section is important to me. I think that it’s amazing to have a newspaper on campus that has a strong focus on what’s going on at Brock, big or small. I believe that it’s extremely beneficial to have a Campus section because bigger news outlets often don’t pick up news stories surrounding Brock because those stories are outside of their niche. From BUSU elections, to internal and alumni profiles, O-Week coverage, to looking into Brock’s drug culture: the campus section offers hard, honest news to student about the Brock community that can’t be found anywhere else. Furthermore, the Campus section often includes student quotes and contributions due to articles revolving around events, activities and issues occurring on campus. It’s important for students to not only be aware of what is happening on campus but to also have opportunities to be involved and feel that they are significant on campus, our section makes that possible.

Joanna Ward | Specialty
Business, health and technology news are important for the Brock community because of how much our world changes all the time. Every day there are new innovations and new technologies that change our lives. Thinking back 10, even 15 years, many of the technologies that we take for granted, the health advances that we have come to rely upon, and even the businesses from whom we buy the products that help with our everyday lives did not exist. Who knows what will have an impact on us in the next 10 or 15 years? It’s important for Brock students and the greater Brock community to keep up with our ever-changing world, particularly when a lot of that innovation is taking place right here on campus. Brock researchers are studying everything from diseases, to human behaviour, etc. Our community is making a difference in the larger global community. We exist in a world of multinational corporations with access to all of our personal information, social networks and smart phones that connect us to people all around the world and the threat , or at least fear, of superbugs resistant to the technologies we created specifically to fight them. Keeping up with business, health and technology news makes all the difference.

Shannon Parr | Arts and Culture
The arts and culture section is important to me because I feel that the creation of art and the awareness and encouragement of culture is vital to not only our academic community, but also to the basic humanity of its students. Art is not only for the elite, it is in everything we do; media is everywhere, fashion is everywhere and music is everywhere. There is art in the games we talk about and in the books we read, and encouraging and perpetuating such art is the culture we take part in. Where art begins and culture ends is unknowable, and I believe that throwing oneself into these ideas and experiences develops our most human qualities. To share good music with a friend is an important experience and I want to encourage such an experience as much as I can through the coverage in this section. The arts and culture section is important to me not because I want an opportunity to teach people about art, but because I want an opportunity to share art and to encourage people to witness and experience it for themselves, so that they may find something that allows them to grow and develop. I want people to be excited about art and I think that this section is an excellent opportunity to encourage it.

Rachel Sterzai | Opinion
Opinions is an important part of our paper because every living, thinking person has their own ideas and opinions. Once you’re exposed to certain thoughts from others, your own imagination is able to spawn and create new ideas off the information you’ve been given, and there are endless possible answers and arguments to any topic. Our minds are constantly coming up with different ideas that we often want to share with others, and that’s exactly what I think my section of the paper is for. Getting your voice out and heard, whether it’s something small and seemingly insignificant or a big, hard-hitting topic. It’s important to make a connection between the reader and the writer, so when I think of what kind of material should be included in my section I think of the material anyone is able to relate to — whether it be the intense athletes, the kids who like to go out and party or the ones who rather stay in their house and play video games or read a book. Everyone should have the ability to relate to a story, and I hope the stories in my section provide that.

Luis Brazil | External

Canadians of the age 18 to 24 vote less than any other age group. We love to complain about the rising costs of tuition and flavor of the week social issues, but we don’t actually participate, and we’re not really informed. Politicians don’t cater to us. They don’t consider our issues; the things we believe to be important. And why should they? We don’t vote. Do you know why the political discourse is dominated by old white men? They vote. They participate in the political process and keep abreast of what’s going on in the world around them. That’s why External News is important. How will anyone gather the will to vote, to get involved, without even knowing the major issues facing them, their country, and the world? University aged students are just not informed about what’s going on around them on a national or global scale. I hope to better educate the student population by bringing them stories from around the world that they may otherwise not be exposed to.




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