The Importance of O-Week for all students

Summer has come to an end, university classes are starting soon and O-Week is in full effect. But do you know what O-Week really means? Well, that seems to depend on who you are. Stereotypically, if you’re a first year student, you’re probably stoked – you can’t wait to get on campus, meet your roommates and bask in the freedom of living away from home for probably the first time. But what if you’re not a first year student? Why is it that it seems that upper year students are never as excited as first-years to come back to Brock after a summer away, or least a summer not surrounded by thousands of other students? Surely all of the excitement didn’t just fade away after first year, did it?

First-year students, especially those living on campus, definitely have their differences, and advantages, from off-campus and upper-year students when it comes to O-Week participation. But that doesn’t mean O-Week should be less exciting for those who are experiencing it their second, third or fourth time. Most students that attend Brock University only spend four years here which means that all of those years ought to be met with the energy and enthusiasm that they deserve. Four years is a short timespan – you may not feel that now, but once it’s all said and done, you’ll wish you had participated more.

The truth is that O-Week isn’t just for first-year students, it’s for everybody and it’s a part of being at Brock University. Even though it’s literally an ‘orientation week’ and may sound like it’s only for incoming students, that’s not true.

“Orientation week is made to cater to all ages, regardless of your program and your year,” said Jad Nasser, Vice President of Student Services for Brock University’s  Student Union.

That being said, O-Week is a big, week-long welcome to and welcome back event for all students. From paint parties to condom poker, to vendor fair, big ticket concerts and picnics at a park, there’s no better time to meet new friends and experience new things, no matter what age or level of experience you have with the university.

Beyond the obvious argument of ‘you’ll have fun’, look at your attendance as an investment in the future students entering Brock. O-Week should be a rolling-out of the welcome mat for new, terrified students – do your part and help welcome them. Coming to O-Week events will likely put you in direct contact with quite a few first-years whom you could help welcome and show around to clubs, events and the array of life-hacks you’ve acquired in your previous years at Brock.

O-Week isn’t just fun and games either. It’s a way to discover new opportunities and pave new paths for yourself. You could walk by a club stand at the Vendor Fair and realize that a certain club is definitely something you’re interested in and want to be a part of, which could change your whole upcoming year, and even the remainder of your time at Brock. For instance, just because you weren’t a part of a club in your first year, doesn’t mean you’re not welcome to join in your fourth. It’s never too late.

And beyond that, how about all of the free giveaways? Are you really willing to give all of that up just because you’re not in first year? Maybe you do have more money now and don’t need free boxes of macaroni and cheese, but free stuff is always satisfying.

So what if you don’t care about free stuff, going to open mic nights, meeting new people and you merely want to go out to clubs downtown or have bonfires with the friends that you already have?  Well, that’s up to you. All I’m saying is that there’s events like comedy night, outdoor yoga, condom poker, and Brock Bazaar that you could definitely enjoy during O-Week. I’m sure you’d be surprised at the amount of fun you can have at O-Week as an upper-year student. Go ahead, try it out. I won’t say ‘I told you so’, I promise.

Brock Vendor Fair/

Brock Vendor Fair/

Alena Kondratieva, Assistant Campus News Editor 

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