Spotlight: Brock’s BLAST-off! First Year Experience program


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Known as Brock’s ‘Leadership, Academic & Student Transition Program’, Brock First Year Experience (FYE), a department of Student Life and Community Experience, provides events and resources for first year students on and around campus to ease into post-secondary life. Brock FYE assistant Ali McDermid talked to us about the brand new department. “It’s a big step,” said McDermid, “… our main focus is to help students transition.” Brock FYE has partnered with other departments on campus to run events that connect students.

Brock FYE recently partnered with BUSU to provide events such as the laser tag experience in Isaac’s, and the all-new Badger Bash. They have also partnered with the Department of Residences on campus to offer events such as Sex Talks at the end of the month to students living in residence. Sex Talks provides a safe and positive atmosphere for students to chat openly and ask questions about sexual, relationship and mental health.

“When I was in first year, I had a hard time finding out when events were happening on campus” said McDermid of her time as a freshman at Brock. It is within Brock FYE’s main goals to ensure first year students have a positive university experience and succeed both in and out of the classroom. University is an experience, not just somewhere you go to study.

Brock First Year Experience is located in the Student Life and Community Experience office in Mackenzie Chown A204 or at @BrockSLCE on Twitter, @BrockFYE on Facebook

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