SpaceX update

The SpaceX Falcon 9 Rocket inside its hangar at Cape Canaveral /SpaceX

SpaceX still haven’t figured out what happened when their Falcon 9 rocket exploded during a test on September 1, destroying the rocket and its payload, which was a $200 million satellite, and damaging the launch pad at the company’s launch site in Cape Canaveral, Florida.

The company announced last week that, as they continue their investigation, they hope to have the Falcon 9 ready for launch again in November. That date is, of course, depending on the investigation’s outcome and the source of the problem on Sept. 1. The launch would also have to take place at another one of the company’s launch sites, as the damage at Cape Canaveral, where an additional 70 launches were scheduled to take place, will take several months to repair.

Spaceflight Now also reports that the accident has pushed back the launch of the Falcon Heavy Rocket, a combination of three Falcon 9 first stage rockets intended for larger payloads. The heavy duty rocket, which was originally slated to launch more than four years ago, is now  scheduled for early 2017.

While the investigation continues, clients remain behind the company, with Iridium, who were set to launch ten satellites with SpaceX this week, tweeted  that they are “Encouraged,” by SpaceX’s November target for the launch. They emphasize that the date itself is base on successfully finding the root cause of the accident and a successful resolution. Iridium says they are “ready to launch when our rocket is!”

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