New club on campus: A look into Brock Early Childhood Education (BECE)

Passionate, professional and optimistic. That’s how Rebecca Cyr and Mary Rothwell, Brock Early Children Education (BECE), Fundraising Coordinators, described the newly founded club.

BECE began at the end of last semester as a potential tool for students studying early childhood education. According to Cyr and Rothwell, the club’s founders, Kristin Gregory, Louise Lesser and Jaime Barratt had noticed that there wasn’t any club or organization on campus that revolved around their program and profession. So that’s when they set out to, “create this phenomenal association that caters to [the early childhood education] program and the students in it.”

If you’re wondering what early childhood education is, according to Brock University’s website the program includes “a comprehensive understanding of the issues and trends in early care and education for children from birth to 8 years old and [prepares students] for further studies or work in the field of care and education for young children.” Considering this, it’s highly significant that BECE was started because networking for students enrolled in the early childhood education program can be highly beneficial in terms of sharing experiences, offering advice and even connecting each other to potential jobs.

The Brock Early Childhood Education club / BECE

The Brock Early Childhood Education club / BECE

Cyr and Rothwell stated that since they are such a new club, they have only met a few times but the club is hoping to have more meetings in the future as more members join. Right now, Cyr and Rothwell said that, “the meetings revolve around updating and [creating] events and ideas [that we hope to] be initializing as the year progresses.”

“We also discuss Early childhood education controversies and how we would like to go about addressing them,” said Cyr and Rothwell. They stated that a club such as BECE is important to the Brock community because, “early childhood educators are just as important as other careers and we want to advocate for our profession to allow people to become aware of what we do in the community, and in our professions.”

This year, BECE hopes to welcome and connect with new students entering the program as well as advocate and raise awareness about the program and the profession. The members of the club state that they are already connected like family.

Cyr and Rothwell stated that, “if you are looking for an experience that gives you more perceptiveness into the early years, the BECE club is the place to be.”

BECE offers early childhood education students the chance to express their beliefs and opinions, the ability to network and connect with educators and students in the profession, help plan upcoming events and attend events that can boost experience and knowledge.

For more information on BECE, you can like them on Facebook – Brock BECE Student Association or @BECEBrock across other social media.

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