Netflix and too much chill

Let’s face it, millennials, we’re addicted to the Internet. Thus, when it comes to our choice of TV, no one really sits down and flips on a random station. We know where we’re going when we get cuddled in on the couch: straight to the glory that is Netflix.

So many categories of possibilities are all just within reach of our fingertips. One click and down you go, headed into a spiral of one episode after another of your latest binge; but is it really just going to be one more episode?


We tell ourselves that lie just to get through another episode of pure bliss, but when it comes down to it how much good is it really doing for you?

In that span of 20-50 minutes (depending on the show), how much could you have done? Usually it’s a considerable amount: Cooking dinner, starting a part of an assignment that’s due in two days, doing a load of laundry or even doing the readings for seminar.

As a student you’re going to be busy doing student things and Netflix just doesn’t understand that you have real responsibilities – such as school being your real top priority.

There’s a reason why university students are so drawn to Netflix and in my opinion it’s because it’s just so much easier than having to deal with what you’re supposed to be dealing with.

Why should I write my paper when I can laugh about something Taystee and Poussey make a joke at? Why worry about the drama going on in my life when I can watch more intense issues unfold in Frank Underwood’s.

We live for finding distractions to take us away from what we’re really supposed to be doing, and in most cases it’s going to be school work. Mind you, I know there are some nights when I would personally rather be sitting in my living room, wrapped up in a blanket and re-watching Grey’s Anatomy from the beginning for the fifth time than getting dressed up and going to a bar.

Yes, of course Netflix gives you an outlet to a world of new stories to immerse yourself in, but you have to realize when it’s the best time to let yourself go. Done class for the day and you don’t really have anything to work on? Go for it! Middle of exam time when you should be studying for two exams that you have tomorrow? Probably not the best idea.

So before jumping straight into bed and get comfortable with a new show, try to see it as a reward, rather than the task itself. Work on your paper, go for a run, go have fun with your friends and when you get home your account will be there, waiting for you to turn it on.

When the time comes and you’re not able to resist the temptation, don’t be hard on yourself. It’s totally natural to give into procrastination and ignore responsibility. It’s understandable to be stressed out. It’s just the price you pay as a student and it’s not something you really have to worry about until it becomes a problem. At least you know it’s an issue, right?

Stranger Things will be there when you finish your lab report, as will Friends, Supernatural, Schitt’s Creek, and the rest of the gang. Everyone is just waiting for you to join the party. Don’t take it as a rush invitation though. Do your work and do it right and when you’re done you’ll have a nice treat to relax into.

It’s pretty necessary to know the important things in life, so when it comes down to the decision of “Do I want to pass my next midterm or do I want to see how many episodes of Bates Motel I can watch in one sitting,” make sure you know the right answer. You’ll thank yourself in the end.

Netflix has basically become a pivotal part of the average university student’s week (or, more likely, day), and having it available at any moment really makes the temptation even greater. So if you have a few extra minutes to catch an episode between classes or before you need to start your next reading, take the time to relax and recover. The year has only just begun and it’s bound to fly by faster than you expect – take advantage of your precious time.



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