Motivational speaker hypes student volunteers for move-in day

“When was your lollipop moment?” said Drew Dudley, the Founder and Chief Catalyst of Day One Leadership, a program that places focus on helping people discover their potential in leadership, and in life. On Sunday September 4, Dudley came to speak in front of a large group of students planning to volunteer for move-in day, in the David S. Howes Theatre building.

The purpose of Dudley’s lollipop question was to have students, and other members of the audience including Brock Residence full-time staff members, think about how they’ve affected others’ lives. Dudley spoke about a moment years ago where he handed a lollipop to a young man in line, on his first day in university, and jokingly forced him to give the lollipop to the young woman behind him. Even though Dudley states that he doesn’t recall this particular moment, he does know that he would have never expected that those two students, unfamiliar to one another before the lollipop encounter, would start dating and get married many years later.

“It may only be one day, or even just one moment, but it can change that student’s whole experience for university,”

The point of Dudley’s motivational speeches, and seemingly his program’s purpose, is to get people redefining what leadership truly means.

“Raise your hand if you consider yourself a leader,” Dudley questioned the audience, and only about half raised their hands. Dudley stated that the issue with our society’s thinking is that we usually only consider leaders to be those that are “rich and powerful” such as Steve Jobs.

Since move-in day was around 12 hours away when Dudley presented, he spoke about the importance of knowing how big of a role volunteers and upper- year students play on the first day for first-year students. “It may only be one day, or even just one moment, but it can change that student’s whole experience for university,” said Dudley, and he was right. Volunteers can create an atmosphere of positivity and comfort on a student’s first day which can pave their initial feelings towards Brock, especially if it’s their first time on campus – an overwhelming experience for most.

“Confidence can be faked, but courage cannot,” said Dudley, referring to the idea that students, and people in general, need not be confident to be a leader. “I still get nervous every time I get on stage but that doesn’t mean I can’t do it.”

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Alena Kondratieva, Assistant Campus News Editor 

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