iPhone 7 lines short but sales high on opening weekend

Apple lines are shorter than previous years, but sales are high. Apple Story, Fifth Avenue, New York/appleinsider.com

Media outlets everywhere are reporting that the iPhone 7, the newest in Apple’s line of smartphones, just isn’t creating the same type of rush as previous models. While customers still lined up for the new phone, The Toronto Star says there was no “great frenzy,” as many were expecting.

The device, released to the public on September 16, drew only a small crowd Saturday at the Apple Store in Mapleview Mall in Burlington. Security guards stood in a corner of the large shop while a line of fewer than ten waited in a roped off area across the hall. The area was large enough to allow for a much longer line, which did not appear that day.

Customers were told to expect that there would be no iPhone 7 Plus, the larger model of the device, if they had not reserved it ahead of time, reported CNet. Several media outlets also reported a rumour that the new Jet Black iPhone colour, which had been featured prominently in advertising ahead of the release date, might not be available at all on launch day.

Despite the lack of enthusiastic lines of campers waiting for the phone’s release BGR (bgr.com) reports that sales are higher than expected for the new phone, and that the iPhone 7 Plus is already sold out. So therefore, is the 7 Plus launch a flop, or is Apple’s attempt to shift focus to pre-orders and mail delivery actually working? This question likely won’t be answered until more accurate, confirmed sales figures have been released.

With the days of waiting in line for movies and video games behind us, with reserved seating and advanced screenings in many theatres, and the switch to digital downloads instead of physical disks, camping out for a new product seems to be going out of fashion.


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