Goodman School of Business to offer an exchange to South Korea

Brock University offers many diverse academic opportunities for students to partake in that not only develop their skills in an educational manner and provide them with beneficial career experiences. The programs also contribute to helping students grow as individuals.

Beginning in the fall of 2017, two students of the Goodman School of Business per semester will have the opportunity to travel on exchange to SolBridge International School of Business, an accredited business school in Daejeon, South Korea. According to the SolBridge’s official website “Daejeon city [is the] research and development capital of Korea and only an hour from [South Korea’s capital city] Seoul by hi-speed train.”


By partnering with SolBridge International School of Business, Brock has become the first Canadian business school to join them. SolBridge is well-known across the globe for being a unique business school for several reasons including all of their classes are taught in English, 80 per cent of their faculty are international professors from prestigious universities and that all students are taught under an international business model.

“Learning abroad enables students to further understand different aspects of the global economy,” says Daniel Garner, a second-year Goodman School of Business student, “and when students embrace [the opportunity] they get to experience a [new] unique culture while establishing connections and memories that will last a lifetime.”

SolBridge has become the 43rd business school worldwide that Goodman School of Business has partnered with for exchange program opportunities. This agreement will allow students to travel and live in South Korea while gaining valuable educational, cultural and personal experiences overseas.

Barry Wright, Goodman’s Interim Dean, says that “students participating in exchange programs benefit from a world of knowledge,” he continued to praise the program by saying that, “adding an international exchange to students’ portfolios will help them move outside of their comfort zones and this extension of their classroom experience is so important in today’s business world.”

Every year a large number of Brock students, from a vast variety of programs, travel internationally on exchange for a semester, or even a full school year.

“As a business student, having the ability to travel and learn internationally is an extremely valuable opportunity,” says Massimo Barreca, a second-year Goodman School of Business student who plans to go on exchange to Germany next school year.

“Being able to immerse oneself in a different culture and learn [in another country] is not only a great experience, but also a great way to separate yourself in the job market,” says Barreca.

“One of my biggest factors in coming to Brock was how diverse and accessible the international [business] program is.”

Goodman students interested in going on exchange can apply online for Fall 2017 by Feb. 1, 2017 or for Winter 2018 by June 30, 2017.


Alena Kondratieva, Assistant Campus News Editor 

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One thought on “Goodman School of Business to offer an exchange to South Korea

  1. Hello Goodman Students:

    Four of you will have the fortune to study abroad at SolBridge either this Spring or next Fall. You can amplify all the benefits of studying at SolBridge mentioned by Dean Wright, Daniel, and Massimo, by joining SolBridge’s award-winning debate society. I invite you to join us when you arrive.

    AJ Carver

    SolBridge Debate Society

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