Club Snapshot: Brock Concurrent Education Student Association


CESA members spreading love in front of the Isaac Brock statue/ CESA

If you’re a student in the Concurrent Education program, you may want to look into joining CESA, an on-campus club that plans activities and events, and connects students with off-campus opportunities and partners, while providing resources for professional development in the Concurrent Education program.

Melissa Teichgraf, this year’s President of Brock Concurrent Education Student Association (CESA), shared the importance of the club, what they’re looking forward to this year and what she’s proud of having accomplished with CESA.

This is Teichgraf’s second year with CESA, last year she was the Conference Coordinator.

“During my first two years at Brock, I was on the other side [as a student attending CESA’s events], where I had the opportunity to attend professional development seminars and events that the association puts on, such as Holiday Extravaganza,” said Teichgraf.

According to Teichgraf, CESA began back in 2007 as a club, was later turned into a council in 2008, and then became a ratified BUSU club in 2010.

Over the years, CESA has become well-known throughout Brock’s campus with events such as the Holiday Extravaganza (formerly “Kids Christmas”) where students of all programs can participate by buying a gift and spending the day with a child from a low socio-economic status school right here in St. Catharines.

“[CESA] has made strong connections between Brock and the Niagara Region, through our various events. This gives Concurrent Education students the chance to build their portfolio by volunteering at events within the community, as well as, completing professional development seminars,” said Teichgraf. “The relationship between the faculty and students is also an important relationship, as it allows for more opportunities for the association and Concurrent Education students at Brock to make a difference.”

CESA meets at the start of every week in order to finalize events and activities that are happening that week as well as create and discuss the planning of future events. Teichgraf says that “[our meetings] give our members on the association a chance to collaborate with one another and provides the opportunity for everyone to have their voice heard.”

This year, Teichgraf hopes to continue making connections throughout the Niagara Region as well as creating more opportunities for students to build their portfolios. The club will continue to build a strong relationship  between CESA, the Education faculty and BUSU in order to better contribute to the experiences of Concurrent Education students and the greater Brock community.

Teichgraf said that she takes the most pride in the events that CESA holds throughout the year such as Holiday Extravaganza and Spring Play Day (new this year) which aim to support less fortunate students in the surrounding communities.

“Not only do we get to help these students, but this also gives Brock students a chance to network within the community around them. My favourite memory with CESA has been attending Holiday Extravaganza throughout the years,” said Teichgraf, “it is a great opportunity [because] I get to watch myself and others spread joy to children through crafts, games and gifts that we get to give to them. There is no better feeling than being the reason for those smiles.”


If you are interested in becoming a part of CESA, you can email the club at To stay in touch with CESA, follow them on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram @brockconed and/or visit their website at brockcone

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