Chair of Senate encourages Brock community to look forward


Scott Henderson, Chair of Senate/

The fact that Brock University entered the 2016-17 school year in a whirlwind isn’t news to anybody. Students, faculty and news outlets across the province were shocked when the news about Wendy Cukier stepping down as President was released.

Despite that, Brock has been running smoothly with classes underway, labs uninterrupted, residence students taken care of and buses functioning properly.

With many Brock employees and students chiming in about the matter through social media, class seminars and through open forums — whether to provide comfort to the unsure community or to voice their opinions — Chair of Senate, Scott Henderson, has released an open letter that is a revised part of his forthcoming report to Senate.

Henderson focuses on explaining the role that members of the Senate play for the Brock community. He states in his open letter that “every decision made is not solely for the benefit of faculty but rather, for the protection and enhancement of Brock’s broader academic mission”.

Henderson’s letter is important to the Brock community because the Senate, along with the Board of Trustees, will play a big role in deciding which Acting President will take over after Brian Hutching’s extended role as Acting President finishes on September 30.

Henderson encourages members of the Brock community to step forward and share their thoughts.

“The more voices we hear, the more that our governing bodies can understand the desires of everyone at the university”, said Henderson.

Furthermore, Henderson urges that once the decision has been made as to who will move forward as the acting President, he hopes that “all of us [can] get behind that person and provide the support they will need to succeed”.

Henderson ends his open letter on the note that Brock has a lot of positive change up ahead, such as the “long awaited expansion of the Goodman School of Business”. In light of moments like this in the history of our university, the Chair of Senate tells us that “ideally, we will all look to the future and not dwell on the past.”


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