Business faculty kicks off $22-million expansion project

If you’ve noticed some subtle preparations being made around Taro Hall and around campus, it’s for a good reason! The Goodman School of Business, the faculty of Business changed into the name Brock students and faculty know and love today by a ‘transformational’ gift from the Goodman Foundation in 2012, is finally getting some updates and upgrades that students have been pleading for. In April 2015, it was announced that the Goodman School of Business had confirmed plans for investment by the provincial government to the tune of $10-million over the next two years, as according to the 2015 budget release. This, in combination with an expected sum to be raised from the private sector in investment, paved the way for Brock’s plans to move forward with an expansion of the Goodman School totaling $22-million, for the benefit of the over three thousand current and incoming students who currently occupy the faculty.

September 16, 2016 will mark the opening celebration to the expansion, kicking off this large project into fruition and construction for this month. The expansion, which has a currently ongoing fundraising campaign goal of $3-million from private investment, will include almost 29,000 square feet of new space for Goodman students as well as more functional existing spaces. The project also includes the construction of 5,000 sq. ft. of teaching space as well as 3,000 sq. ft. of a social and networking space in the form of an atrium for students and a new and expanded Bloomberg research lab. The currently-existing classrooms in Taro Hall will be receiving a fresh look as well, with updates such as new fixtures, floors, ceilings and general office upgrades.

Construction is expected to be minimally disruptive to student and faculty daily activities, and has a completion date set for Summer 2018, with all new construction having a goal of being built by Spring of 2017. This will allow students and faculty to use the new space to its utmost effect and potential while Taro Hall undergoes the changes it not only needs, but deserves. To students and faculty occupying the Goodman School’s ever-growing and outstanding academic programs, this change is one that will undoubtedly be positive for the Brock community as a whole.

Rendering of the updates to The Goodman School Of Business  / File Photo

Rendering of the updates to The Goodman School Of Business / File Photo

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