Brock celebrates announcement of the Goodman School of Business expansion

Attendees at the Goodman Expansion Ceremony / Chloe Charbonnéau

“It’s a good day for Brock University and an extraordinary day for the Goodman School of Business”, said Barry Wright, Interim Dean and Associate Professor for the Goodman School, at the groundbreaking ceremony on Friday afternoon.

The celebration was held in tents in front of the iconic Sir Isaac Brock statue, welcoming students, faculty and supporters to join in the anticipation surrounding the start of construction of the Goodman School of Business expansion..  Acting Brock University President, Brian Hutchings, and St. Catharines MPP, Jim Bradley were among those in attendance.

The project will take approximately two years and will cost $22 million dollars, which is made possible primarily by a donation from Ned Goodman and his family, along with a $10 million dollar commitment from the Ontario Government.

“The Goodman family’s donation got the wheeling turning [for this project]”, said Hutchings. “We are very grateful to the Goodman family for their donation.”

The new building for the Goodman School of Business will be 79,000 square feet of new space for learning and research. It will include six new and nine renovated classrooms, a large new boardroom, additional seminar rooms, more faculty offices, a new research lab and a new interview room with the latest technology.

“May I say that the government of Ontario has a new initiative to meet the cost of education,” said Bradley, “[This expansion] is important to student themselves and their families that assist them along the way.”

Brock has changed a lot in the half century that it has been functional, and the Goodman School of Business has expanded its program offerings and increased opportunities for graduate students over the years. This expansion will further provide opportunities, inspire students from across the province, and increase the involvement of students in the program.

Bradley stated that “we must ensure that Brock has the resources and space it needs to keep progressing.” He added that the new building will be a space for a cutting edge learning environment.

A big emphasis during the ceremony went out to Brock’s previous President, Jack Lightstone. Hutchings, Jim Bradley and Barry Wright all praised Lightstone for his genuine consistency and belief in the project from the start.

“Without Jack’s support, we would not be celebrating today,” stated Wright, proceeding to a grand applause to Lightstone, who was in attendance.

The event drew in faculty, alumni, current students, and a variety of supporters and investors. It’s easy to say that the expansion building of the Goodman School of Business is a big deal for Brock.

“I invite you now to look at the beautiful building behind us”, joked Wright, stating that in two years time, “we’ll see you here again” for the celebration of the construction completion. Wright highlighted that “one of the most dynamic spaces in the building will be the two-storey glass ‘engagement atrium’ at the west end of the complex.”

The expansion of the building was designed by +VG Architects, whose portfolio includes buildings at Queen’s and Western universities, as well as the beautiful clubhouse at Legends on the Niagara Golf Club.

The bold, new expansion will no doubt build Brock’s reputation and welcome new business students to Brock.

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