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It’s the time of the year when students have to pay off tuition and look into purchasing textbooks for classes. That being said, the Accepted at Brock Facebook groups are starting to get much more active as students are selling their textbooks to peers who will need them for this upcoming year.

With the rising cost of tuition and the addition of rent and other necessities, students are always looking for ways to save, especially on textbooks. It’s about finding the most money saving option, and recently, buying and selling through peer-to-peer has been the trendiest option.

However, some issues can occur with buying from a peer over buying from Brock’s Campus Store. Buying from someone who took the class prior to this year’s class could leave you with the incorrect textbook, as the professor for a course could have changed, or more commonly, you could end up purchasing the wrong edition. This could lead to chapters in the book being missing or pages ordered incorrectly.

Brock’s Campus Store is doing its part to bring the best possible cost-efficient prices to the students on textbooks and other items like clothing.

Last year the store started comparing their prices with websites such as Amazon, which brought students bargain prices right at their fingertips.

“It was received really well, overall we received lots of positive feedback,” said Kate Dudley, the Campus Stores Marketing and Communication Coordinator. “We saw some fluctuation in things, but we really feel strongly that it’s a part of our responsibility to advocate for the student budget.”

Comparing Campus Store prices with Amazon has lowered the textbook prices on over 850 textbook titles.

Students have also fallen into the habit of thinking they should wait and buy their textbooks after going to their first class, but Dudley says that isn’t the best strategy.

“Firstly, we receive the book orders directly from the professors, so what they list as required is what we order. That will not change first day of class.” Secondly, if you show up the second week of September and want a used textbook, you may not get one because students have been shopping since the Brock Booklist was released and used books fly off the shelves,” said Dudley.

The booklist has been up since August 2 and students have had the option to buy online, which gives students the choice to do an in-store pick up at the Campus Store. This saves the cost of shipping. When students show up in September, they just need to show their student card to get their book bag.

This year the Campus Store is continuing its initiative to appeal to students. Students can now spend money but also get money back.

Now when students spend one hundred dollars on textbooks they receive five dollars back in Campus Store Cash.

“Let’s say you get $15 Campus Store Cash, put that towards a t-shirt or sweatshirt that you have had your eye on,” said Dudley. “It can be spent on anything; you can spend it on textbooks again.”

With the Campus Bookstore prices comparing with Amazon and providing Campus Store Cash, students are getting the best possible value on their textbooks. Not only are textbooks at a cheaper price, but receiving money back helps for future Campus Store purchases.

The store is also introducing their Student Choice Line. Last year the Campus Store ran a event called Would U Rep It for students to find out what clothing students were interested in. Over 450 students participated, and the top clothes will now have a gold ‘Student’s Choice’ sticker on them to show students what is trending among other students.

“Our job is to make sure we are bringing in clothing lines that are speaking to the target demographics. Which is the students on campus,” said Dudley.

Some of the top Student Choice clothing options are the Brock onesie, crop tops, and sweatshirts.

So it’s recommended that students check out Brock’s Campus Store before purchasing textbooks from their peers or other sources.

If you purchased textbooks in August, the refund policy at the Campus Store goes until September 14. Anything purchased in September can be refunded up until Sept. 20.


Satbir Singh, Editor-in-Chief

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