Big Ticket Concert cancelled due to inclement weather

Alessia Cara performs at Isaac’s / BrockTV

The night of September 10 was an adventurous one for ticket-holders to the highly anticipated Big Ticket Concert. The concert, an annual tradition of O-Week for Brock, was held for the first time on a Saturday so as not to conflict with classes and to allow the maximum number of students to be able to participate and catch a glimpse of the performance. Headliner Alessia Cara with special guests folk singer Craig Stickland and Toronto electropop duo Featurette were set to perform that night, with doors opening at 7:30 p.m, had all gone to plan.

The weather, however had a different idea for the evening. It began with an official update posted on the Brock University Student Union (BUSU) social media pages bumping the door opening time by an hour. Rain poured onto the specially-designed set, and thunder and lightning cracked through the sky, causing security officials and event organizers to evacuate the crowds that had been let into the outdoor venue of Weatherstation Field into Isaac’s. Countless students waited for an hour or two for the weather to clear, eventually leaving campus after an hour or after the release announcing the official cancellation of the concert by BUSU.

A handful of updates began to trickle in shortly after the official cancellation statement from students still on campus and at Isaac’s that the performers for the evening had decided to hold a smaller indoor show to ensure some students were still able to see a concert that night after waiting in the rain for an extensive length of time. According to BUSU President Patrick Foster, Alessia Cara was determined to perform for students who had waited and ‘insisted’ upon singing for the 600 students who had been let into Isaac’s and capped for capacity. “I’m extremely thankful to her and her crew” Foster said after the event, “also to the BUSU team behind the scenes… they really worked calm in a frantic situation.”

Flash forward to numerous tweets and responses to questions and comments about the Big Ticket Concert and it has been a mixed bag of emotions for students in the Brock community who were either ticketholders or VIB members. For the most part, interactions between students and event organizers have been smooth, with fairly quick response times to questions and official statements being released by BUSU. Others, however were somewhat upset about how the night unfolded. While BUSU certainly tried their best to achieve the best possible outcome at the last minute the night of the concert, it left some students questioning why there wasn’t a plan of action in place for the night in the case of inclement weather. A statement by BUSU will be released to the student community this upcoming week to update students on the situation and the refund process for ticketholders. There is no doubt for most that BUSU has tried hard to remedy the situation but needless to say, this Big Ticket Concert turned into somewhat of a big disappointment for some concert-goers who weren’t fortunate enough to make it into Isaac’s for the smaller show.


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