Where’s that Pokemon?

Pokémon Go has been blowing up data plans and mobile-charger sales since it hit the app stores in early July. It seemed as though the entire world was overrun with the hype of the return of our beloved 90’s pocket monsters.

You don’t need to carry around your Gameboy anymore, and most people don’t even realize Pokémon cards still exist. All you need now is a smartphone, and, if you’re lucky, an unlimited supply of Internet access.

Who knew there would come a day where we could catch a Pikachu in our own backyards? It doesn’t stop there, of course. There have been reports of people taking boats out into the middle of lakes to catch rare water Pokémon or to claim a gym; people getting hit by cars; getting into physical fights over which team is truly better. All in hopes of, one day, becoming a great Pokémon Master.

One thing I’ve thought about over the past few weeks is how this whole trend will work once students go back to school in September.

There’s no doubt people will be throwing those curveballs during lecture and trying to evolve their Eevee into a Jolteon instead of Flareon or Vaporeon when they should be studying. And walking through the halls will be interesting when you see all the people who are late to seminars because they just have to catch something new to add to their Pokédex.

Even though the game does pose a lot of potential time-consuming issues, it will definitely help you get out around campus a little bit more.

On the main campus, there are at least 12 PokéStops you can visit to collect goodies to add to your inventory and pack you electronic backpack, two of which are located in Mackenzie Chown Complex. Maybe this will finally get people to learn how to navigate the building.

Also on campus, there are two gyms: one located in the Isaac Brock Circle, and another across campus by the International Centre. Get out there and make your team proud!

So you’ve already visited all those stops and gyms? Why not go on a little adventure? Grab some friends, charge your phones and go on a hike. There are many trails all around Brock, and hiking is a great way to release some stress and relax for a bit. It’s also another great way to catch more Pokémon, get those kilometres in to hatch eggs, and find more PokéStops.

In the trails east of Brock’s campus, past Quarry View Residence and the Hotel Dieu Shaver Hospital, there are a few paths and trails to wander around that also happen to be home to some lesser-known PokéStops. They can even be found along parts of the Bruce Trail that cuts north of Brock, behind DeCew Residence.

Taking into consideration that Pokémon Go gives you the opportunity to go out and strike up a conversation with groups of people huddled around Pokémon-spawning Lure Modules, don’t forget that you can take your attention and fingers away from that little screen and put your phone down.

While the iconic game is a great way to boost your social experience at Brock this year, remember the reason why you came to school: to learn, experience new things and to meet new people with common interests.

Pokémon definitely has the power to spark new friendships and new opportunities, but don’t let it ruin your lives, Badgers. On your quest to becoming the very best, remember to keep your head up. Just like Ash Ketchum, you’ve got to learn a few lessons along the way, run into some trouble, and form new bonds to help you get there.

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