Club Snapshot: Brock Eco Club

As told by: Milena Talovic, President; Roaa Abdalla, Volunteer Coordinator and Kostyn Petrunick, Vice President of Internal Affairs


Brock Eco Club picking up litter / Eco club Facebook page

Brock Eco Club picking up litter / Eco club Facebook page

If you could describe Eco Club in three words, what would they be?

Milena: “Supportive, creative and community.”

Roaa: “Welcoming, productive, and rewarding.”


What is something that Eco Club has done/does that you are proud of?

Kostyn: “I’m proud of all of our community clean ups, and every time we get the chance to educate people about the environment. Getting everyone out and active with hiking and other outdoor events is great too.”


What are some goals you’re looking to accomplish with Eco Club this upcoming year?

Roaa: “One of our goals is to expand by getting new members. The bigger the club, the greater and better results we get each year.”


I’m a first year student debating on joining your club. How do you convince me?

Kostyn: “We are like a big, fun family and do lots of cool fun things, including having sustainable/fair trade hot chocolate, knitting “E-cozies” and going on hikes.”


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