Phrases university students hear throughout the school year

It’s the summer and we students are finally getting a chance to get away from school. It’s still early into the four month break, but there’s going to be a point when we to start to miss the university life. We begin to miss our friends, the freedom away from home, the freedom away from our parents, and the no-rules lifestyle.

Recently, there was a hashtag on Twitter that got me thinking. The hashtag was #BadIdeaIn5Words. I thought to myself, what is a five word phrase university students hear a lot during the school year? Nowhere near relatable to the hashtag, but I still went ahead and made a list of five word sayings we students hear a lot during the school year.


1. “Are you going to class?”

You’ll normally be asked this by a friend in one of your classes. Often it becomes a group decision to go to class or not to go to class. One of you may take the route to go to class while the other decides not to. This question becomes more and more frequent in the later months of a semester. Word of advice: go to class.

2. “Did you do the reading?”

This question goes hand in hand with the first one. If you didn’t do the reading, chances are you’re not going to class. Although, if there’s attendance marks involved there’s higher chance you’ll be going to class.

3. “You can do it later”

Again, this goes hand in hand with the above questions. This often is said by your roommate or a friend that doesn’t understand the amount of work you have on your plate. When you hear “you can do it later”, you actually believe you can do it later, but you don’t. Therefore you didn’t do the reading and you aren’t going to class.

4. “Friday night, time to party”

This is probably the favourite phrase for most students. It’s a chance to forget about school and go have fun with your friends for a night. Partier or not, just hearing “Friday” is enough to make everyone happy.

5. “Sorry, your debit has declined”

All you wanted to do on Saturday morning after a night out is get some food, but you’re out of money. Hearing these words can either mean you had a good night or that you wasted your money. Either way, it’s time to call the parents to see if you can borrow some money.

6. “Sorry, I have a boyfriend”

This is said and heard quite a few times throughout the year and is self-explanatory.

7. “Our football team is undefeated”

This is a bonus phrase for Brock University students. We are heading into our 52 year without a football team, but the saying of being undefeated will never end, at least not anytime soon. Here’s to another undefeated year.

This list may not cover every phrase we hear, but let us know what I missed. What is a five word phrase or question you hear a lot during your university year? Share your ideas by tweeting @TheBrockPress.

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