1. Brock Men’s Basketball would have finished with a better playoff spot had they lost to Guelph on Saturday. If you were the coach, would you have tried to force a loss on your team?
Satbir Singh: Brock Men’s Basketball head coach Charles Kissi told me directly that losing will never be an option. For myself, I thought about this long and hard. If I was the head coach, I would consider losing the game for a better playoff seed, but would never do it. I love being the underdog and no matter where my team ends up, it’s about taking down any team that stands in our way.

Connor Allen: You know, this is a really touchy subject if you ask me. Yes, it would make sense for the Badgers to lose if they wanted to have a better playoff seed but at the same time would that really be considered ethical to purposely throw a game? Secondly, for those who know Coach Kissi, you would understand that he wouldn’t purposely lose a game, rather he wants to fight for a win and prove that his team has what it takes to win the playoffs. I think no matter where they are positioned, the basketball team still has a great chance of taking it all.

2. Brock has been known to sell out home basketball games. But what was your impression of the crowd for CIS Wrestling?
Satbir Singh: Talk about being the “best” crowd in the CIS. Brock’s Bob Davis Gymnasium was packed for basically the entire day on Saturday. It was a sell-out for the Gold Medal matches and it impressed many people outside of the Brock community. Head coach Marty Calder afterwards said, he was told by many that Brock should host the CIS Championships every year and that’s tough to argue. The turnout was spectacular but the results were even better.

Connor Allen: I am extremely proud of all the Brock support that the wrestling team had during the CIS National Championship, it always brings confidence to a team when they know they have someone in the crowd cheering them on. That being said, although the stands were packed, we have to keep in mind that there were people all from Canada sitting in those stands. So I would have liked to physically see who were Brock supporters and who were not. Overall, yes I’m extremely pleased with the turnout, but I would have liked to know if Brock was the majority in the stands or not.

3. Brock’s Sport Management program and the Canadian Business Sport Network hosted an event with Sportsnet’s Donnovan Bennett. Who is your favourite sports writer?
Satbir Singh: Bruce Arthur of The Toronto Star. I have been reading Arthur’s sports articles for the past five-plus years and he always does a great job. His ability to combine personal stories with his work has inspired me to do the same at times. I got to meet Arthur earlier this year in Toronto and though it wasn’t a formal meeting, he taught me a lot in just five minutes. The number one thing that stuck with me is when he said, “The best years for a journalist come spent working for a campus newspaper”.

Connor Allen: You know, I can’t pinpoint a certain sports writer that I like overall. That being said, Satbir and I, along with other coworkers had the opportunity to go to the NASH convention which allowed Satbir and I to meet sports writers and many others who work for many media companies such as The Toronto Star, CBC, The Globe and Mail, etc. So although I can’t pick out a certain favourite, I really enjoyed being able to meet such iconic writers and learn their skills of the trade.

4. Jose Bautista reportedly gave the Blue Jays his terms for a contract extension (reported at 5-year, $150 million) without willing to negotiate. If you could do the same with The Brock Press, what would your asking price be?
Satbir Singh: I should probably start off by saying that this is a joke and what is said in this answer does not reflect The Brock Press. Anyways, I started my Brock Press career as a contributor and worked hard enough to become a Staff Writer. This year I was honoured to be hired on as the Sports Editor and taking charge of one of the major sections of the paper is not easy. So, my asking price to The Brock Press is a life-time contract (meaning I’m never graduating), and we can discuss money behind closed doors.

Connor Allen: As Satbir said, this is strictly a joke but at the end of the day I honestly can’t put a price on working for The Brock Press as an Assistant Sports Editor. Having the chance to do what I do here at The Brock Press is something I could have never foreseen myself doing but I have enjoyed every grueling late night writing articles. I have met so many terrific individuals and acquired so many skills. Often times I don’t even acknowledge that it’s payday because I’m having too much fun as an Assistant Sports Editor and I forget that I’m actually working.

5. Toronto Maple Leafs traded fan favourite James Reimer. Are you satisfied with the return?
Satbir Singh: My initial reaction was being heartbroken. I was a huge Reimer fan and supporter and the return was totally unfair. The San Jose Sharks had totally won this trade in my mind, as a conditional fourth round draft pick in return for Reimer was ridiculous. Until I remembered the Maple Leafs had traded Roman Polak and Nick Spaling a few days earlier to the Sharks for two second round draft picks. Therefore, if you combine the Polak/Spaling and Reimer trade together, the Leafs got a fair return. Also, the Leafs and Reimer have not shutout the option of the goalie returning in the summer when he’s a free agent.

Connor Allen: I’m not sure how I feel about the whole situation just yet. The Leafs are going through such a rebuilding phase that I have expected drastic things to change. From asking people’s opinions on the Reimer trade, I’ve had so many people tell me how disappointed they are. But we need to look at the coaching and management here. Mike Babcock alone had such an amazing team when he coached for the Red Wings it was unbelievable, and I have faith that he can help contribute to the Leafs and do the exact same thing. Just you wait, 2017/18 Stanley Cup Champions – Toronto Maple Leafs.

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