Sophia Mac – BUSAC Candidate Profile

   Sophia Mac

Faculty of Education (1 seat available)

Sophia Mac Third-year Concurrent Education Primary/Junior Hometown: Newmarket, Ontario Favourite Movie: Freedom Writers

Sophia Mac
Third-year Concurrent Education Primary/Junior
Hometown: Newmarket, Ontario
Favourite Movie: Freedom Writers

Why have you decided to run for this position?

“As a future educator, I wanted to broaden my knowledge and involvement at Brock, Being a first-year student I had no idea what BUSU was and no idea how to get involved at Brock. This will give me the opportunity to get to know the school and the community.I want to represent people on a personal and professional level, and make equitable decisions about funding. As a member of the Concurrent Education Student Association, I have prior experience with minimal funding and the various needs of club members. Overall, I want to listen to students and address their proposals accordingly to ensure that fairness and equality are achieved.”

If elected, how will you effectively represent the students of your faculty?

“I’m very social; I have met and now know many individuals in various years of study and throughout the streams of education. I am always on social media and I welcome people to add me on these social platforms or to come talk to me. I like getting to know people and I think I can effectively represent their voice and their inputs with my decisions and votes through a strong sense of communication. Being open-minded and having a genuine care for the voices of students, I hope to minimize as much bias as possible during the funding process by adapting both roles as a councillor and as a club member.”

What makes you the best candidate for this position?

“I’m very approachable and I like to welcome all ideas and opinions. I try to be very friendly, and even though I have a very busy schedule, I’m very hard-working and try to be on top of my homework and extracurriculars by managing my time accordingly. I know a lot of con-ed students, and I’m always at the events of the program to show my interest and dedication for education. I have a background in marketing, through the Con-Ed Student Assocation, so I know how to get myself out there and gather info from students, and as an executive, I have that professionalism trait that is essential for a candidate for this position.”

To the best of your knowledge, what is BUSAC and what does it do?

“It’s a student council for BUSU. As a councillor, you sit on meetings, listen to students, make decisions and vote on club funding according to policies and according to your faculty wishes. You represent and speak for the students at Brock and you’re a voice to empower students to come forward and present their opportunities.”

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