Showtime to showcase local talent

On March 25, Showtime Comedy and Entertainment in downtown St. Catharines will host its first ever Local Showcase Talent Night — a one night show and competition that emphasizes the abundance of local talent in St. Catharines.

Marc Sinodinos, co-owner of Showtime Comedy and Entertainment, described the venue as, “a place where people can come every single weekend and know that there is always the best-of-the-best of touring, international comedians here. Each weekend show features at least three professional comedians and often a local rising star.”

“Showtime opened knowing that we could not only provide the city with amazing weekend shows that are different every week, but also serve as a place where local producers and talent can use as their own concert venue. We have had theatre groups, hypnotist shows, magic shows, psychic shows and improv nights. Basically, our hopes are to be the best place to go to get affordable entertainment, in a nice environment,” said Sinodinos.

Showtime Comedy and Entertainment located at 92 St Paul St./ Christy Mitchell

Showtime Comedy and Entertainment located at 92 St Paul St./ Christy Mitchell

In essence, the opening of Showtime Comedy and Entertainment has begun to fill a void in the arts and entertainment community in St. Catharines by providing a location geared toward comedy. Although comedians and similar acts were often welcome at other venues, Showtime was made specifically with these acts in mind which allows for growth in that sector of the St. Catharines entertainment community.

The one night show on March 25 holds promise of being an exciting night of laughter and good times. Those who frequent Showtime may recognize some acts, while others may be new to some. Odds are that at least one act there will be something that peaks your interest.

“The talent night is a way to showcase the great acts we have regularly on our amateur nights,” said Sinodinos. “We decided that the talent was so good that they deserved a spot on our weekend show. The show is not only a showcase, but a small in house competition filled with prizes and perks for the comedians. It’s open to all local talent, not just comedians, and it should feature some of the best local people around.”

The night will be hosted by a professional show host and will feature 10 local acts deemed the best by Showtime. All the acts in the show will be competing for various prizes put forth by the venue including paid weekends, other shows, swag, coverage and so on.

“People should come see this show because its a cheap night out to see a show 100 per cent compiled of local and rising stars. Niagara has some great talent, and for $2, its a no brainer,” said Sinodinos.

If Showtime sounds like the kind of place you would be interested in checking out, then the Local Showcase Talent Night is the perfect opportunity for you.

The Local Showcase Talent Night will be held on March 25 at Showtime Comedy and Entertainment. Tickets and more information are available at

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