Niagara technology hub helps produce new digital media

The Generator at One is a technology and talent hub in downtown St. Catharines designed to work together with companies, researchers and students to produce new and innovative approaches to digital media.

Many different companies and programs have worked with the Generator’s facilities and services in order to produce new digital media technology. The hub works in partnership with all of these companies in order to provide them with the support that they need to make their technological ideas a reality.


Organizations who have partnered with the hub to work with the resources and services of the Generator include Fourgrounds Media, PixelNAUTS, Image Propeller Studios and Morro Images.
Fourgrounds produces motion pictures ranging from commercials to feature films, and has won awards for their productions. Films made by Fourgrounds include 2015’s The Hotel Dieu, 2014’s Bathtub and 2013’s The Angel Inn.

PixelNAUTS is focused on art production and gaming. Their projects have included the popular video game Lost Orbit, as well as other successful games including Contrast and Waveform.

Outside of entertainment media, companies who do work in business-focused digital media have also worked with the Generator at One. Image Propeller Studios is focused around promotional videos, and aims to help companies connect to customers and audiences. In helping companies with customer outreach, Image Propeller Studios provides illustration and web design.

The Generator has also worked with morro images, who work with visual effects and computer animation. The company specializes in 3D scanning and printing, prototyping and motion capturing.

These four businesses (who are only a sample of the many companies who have done work with the Generator) demonstrate the diversity of work that is being done at the hub. From film, to gaming, to business media, to animation, the Generator at One is focused on helping and providing services to companies who are doing innovative and exciting work in all areas of digital media.

One reason why these prolific companies choose to work with the Generator is because they offer innovative and state-of-the-art facilities and resources.

Photos from inside the Generator at One

Photos from inside the Generator at One

One of the Generator’s most prominent features is its production studio. The Generator’s website lists blue and green screens, 4K video, a DMX lighting grid and a VICON Motion Capture system as some of the studio’s most notable resource.

The Generator also contains a large data centre with over 500 square feet. The centre, which is available 24/7 to users, is connected through a fiber optic connection, and is under strict security. The data centre features cloud computing, a render farm, Apple Media infrastructure and secure data storage services.

Motion capture facilities at the Generator include T160 Cameras and a VICON MX System that allow for producers to create high-quality motion capture work. The hub also features a large theatre for screening and presentation with a high fidelity audio system and 3D capabilities.

Located in the heart of downtown St Catharines, the Generator at One is also important to the Niagara Community. It is significant that a facility that has done work with so many well-known technology companies and helped to produce innovative digital media is located in the region, as the presence of the Generator works together with other organizations (including the educational technology-focused ihub and gaming development programs at both Brock and Niagara College) to help solidify Niagara as a significant place for the planning, innovation and development of cutting-edge technology.

For more information about the Generator at One, they can be contacted at, 1-888-9-THEGEN by phone, or online at The hub is located at 1 St Paul Street, Suite A301.

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