Man suspected of urinating on Kellogg’s assembly line

A video depicting what appears to be a man urinating on a Kellogg’s assembly line has recently gone viral, causing concern amongst consumers.

The video has taken Kellogg Company by surprise, and they have responded with concern for their customers and expressions of regret, apology and disgust. The President of Kellogg North America, Paul Norman, released a public response on on March 14, where he details his reaction to the discovery of the video.

Norman expresses concern that the video shows a “disgusting” act of disrespect for both consumers and employees. He says that he is “deeply sorry and saddened,” and that the company is taking action to try and rectify any damage caused by the incident and make sure the person responsible faces consequences.

“The actions of this individual violate the trust you’ve placed in us to make food for you and your family over the past 110 years,” says Norman in the statement. “Kellogg takes this situation very seriously and we are shocked and disappointed. This person’s conduct is unacceptable, and I want to share with you what we know today and what we are doing to get to the bottom of this criminal act.”

Since the discovery of the video, Kellogg has taken several steps towards identifying the person responsible and rectifying the situation as much as possible. There are currently two investigations being run: the FDA is engaging in a criminal investigation, and Kellogg has launched an internal investigation.

The company is working closely with the FDA to determine the details of the incident and find the person responsible.

Kellogg has, to date, determined several facts about the incident. They have located the video in their plant in Memphis, Tenn. Furthermore, based on updates and changes to the factory, they have determined that the video was shot in 2014.

Potentially affected products include Rice Krispies Treats, products that include granola clusters, and some puffed rice treats that are no longer made by Kellogg. They report that, while the food quality is potentially impacted, there is no food safety risk posed by the issue. However, they still deem the incident as “disgusting and criminal.”

Kellogg’s treats may have more in them than expected/

Kellogg’s treats may have more in them than expected/

The potentially affected products are all, according to Kellogg, very limited in number and past their expiration dates. Therefore, as long as consumers keep an eye on their expiration dates and aren’t eating expired products, they do not have to worry about eating cereal that may have come from the affected production line. However, there is still the potential that some people may have previously eaten treats that came off of the now infamous assembly line.

The identity, motivation and background of the individual in the video have still not been determined. However, the FDA and Kellogg internal investigations are still ongoing, and will provide updates and information as it is acquired. Norman says that, when they find the individual, they intend to fire him if he still works for Kellogg, and “prosecute him to the full extent of the law.”

As the ongoing investigation continues, Kellogg has made a commitment to keep consumers updated on any new information through their social media accounts and website. For more information, or to read public statement by Norman, check out or Twitter @kelloggcompany

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