Health Sciences hosts second annual charity challenge

Last Friday the Faculty of Applied Health Sciences (FAHS) departments came together for their second annual FAHS Challenge. The purpose of the event was to inform others about FAHS, as well as getting the word out about different events that FAHS holds. This event and others are held to continue and increase the awareness of the FAHS departments at Brock and the surrounding area. The winner of the event wins bragging rights, while proceeds of the event go to charity.

Participants in the event came together to see which department (Sport Management, Kinesiology, Nursing or Recreation and Leisure) was the “best” department in all of FAHS. In order to find out who the best was, members from each department came together and formed multiple teams as they went head to head against other teams in a friendly competition of dodgeball, scooter ball (which is a variation of dodgeball but with scooters), tchoukball, and ultimate Frisbee.

To sort out the winner of the challenge, the mini-games took place in a round robin until they were able to find their winner. This year the first place team was KG Beauties (Kinesiology) while Get Rec’d (Rec. and Leisure) followed second and We Will Rec You (Rec. and Leisure) placed third.

The winner, KG Beauties stood tall and proud as they held their winning trophy high and felt accomplished; as well as all of the other teams that participated as they donated the proceeds of the event to the SNAP charity.

In order to participate in the event, players paid a five-dollar entry fee, which was later donated to SNAP as the organization is closely linked to Brock University and FAHS.

FAHS Challenge winning team / Chris Fitchett

FAHS Challenge winning team / Chris Fitchett

SNAP (Special Needs Activity Program) is a developmentally appropriate movement education based curriculum, which is offered to children and youth with disabilities in the Niagara Region. Operating since the 1994-95 academic year, SNAP was started as an independent study project of a former graduate student of Brock, Jason Candy.

Candy is now employed at Niagara College as a professor in the Physical Education department while his hard work is still carried on here at Brock.

In collaboration with the school boards and a number of disability service organizations, SNAP offered 1:1 facilitated instruction in physical activity contexts one morning a week between October and April to 1,500 school-aged children in 2008-09.

Both SNAP and ASD movement camps operate as sites for research as well as service learning and education. The programs have won several awards and research on the programs’ development, implementation and ongoing refinement has been and continues to be presented and published nationally and internationally.

Every Thursday morning from 9:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m., SNAP volunteers set up in the Ian Beddis gymnasium as they prepare 24 stations that address fine motor, gross motor, fitness, games, imaginative play, group play and sensory-motor skills which is designed to foster a variety of special needs and developmental issues that relay to movement education. To ensure that SNAP sticks to Ontario Curriculum, coordinators use innovative and creative ways to assist in developing stations, provide ideas for lessons and help structure activities that volunteers can implement with the children.

The Faculty of Applied Health Sciences was more than happy to hold the FAHS Challenge and assist SNAP in donating the proceeds from the event to help further the education of children and youth with disabilities in the Niagara Region and continuing their relationship.

If you are interested in joining the SNAP volunteer team you can do so by showing up to a SNAP event in the Ian Beddis gym to learn more information on how to receive training and become a volunteer or you can email SNAP directly at

Connor Allen
Assistant Sports Editor

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