Fiona Purkiss – Senate Candidate Profile

Fiona Purkiss

Senate: 2-year Term (2 seats available)

Fiona Purkiss  Second-year Sociology  Hometown: Orillia, Ontario  Favourite Movie: Zoolander

Fiona Purkiss
Second-year Sociology
Hometown: Orillia, Ontario
Favourite Movie: Zoolander

Why have you decided to run for this position?

“In my first year I didn’t know anyone at the Brock University, but I knew that I wanted to get as involved as possible. I wanted to do something bigger at Brock, and hopefully make a change, so I started at [BUSU] Advocacy as an intern. Through Advocacy, I met a lot of students, it was a great opportunity for networking, I made a lot of connections. This year as well, I was an intern and became a research and policy intern, which allowed me to work with policy papers. This is what I am excited for in this position: I can use this experience to represent the students that are here and hopefully get to know them more.”

If elected, what would you like to [see the Senate] accomplish?

“I believe that I am the best candidate for this position because I have been involved in the university since my first year. I’ve been involved with a lot of volunteer work, such as, the community garden, Brock Yoga, Intramurals, Advocacy and Brock’s Celebration of Nations. I like making a difference and making a change. This is something I can do that will actually amtter, and it’s something I can be proud of.”

What makes you the best candidate for this position?

“I would like to see the senate communicate more with the student population. I didn’t even know the senate existed existed until my friend got on and told me about all of the interesting things that they were doing. I think if they reached out to students and let them know the amazing things they’re doing, it would be very beneficial to students.”

To the best of your knowledge, what is the Senate and what does it do?

“The senate is a part of the university, it’s the structure that is responsible for educational policy. The senate is responsible for changing regulations and bylaws, but only with the entire delegation’s agreement. The senate itself is made up of 67 members, mostly faculty, but there are six undergraduate, one alumnus and two graduate students.”

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