Enviro Week highlights sustainability at Brock

Several clubs at Brock came together to organize the sixth annual Enviro Week in order to raise awareness and encourage community engagement concerning the issue of global climate change and the myriad of social ramifications related to the topic.

The organizations involved in the planning and execution of this year’s Enviro Week include: Brock Food Coalition, Student Justice Center, Brock Eco Club, DIG Community Garden, Brock Students for Animal Liberation and Brock Fair Trade.

As part of Enviro Week, the DIG group provided students with free seed samples to start their own gardens / Christy Mitchell

As part of Enviro Week, the DIG group provided students with free seed samples to start their own gardens / Christy Mitchell

Several events were held throughout last week by the organizations involved. On Mar. 15, the day started with an event run out of the community garden. DIG hosted a seed swap, where students, faculty, and community members were invited to the gardens to receive seeds and pick up some advice to help start their summer gardens. DIG provided students with a variety of seeds such as tomatoes, carrots, onions, and cilantro, to name a few.

“Everyone participates in the food system. Personal gardens are a way to reduce your dependency on these systems. Today’s trends show that further urban expansion will happen, so urban agriculture is very important. We’re trying to show people how to live off the land, it’s a whole process when people participate in self-sustainability,” said Ken Brennan, a community member involved with DIG.

On the same day, the planners of Enviro Week also hosted a Brock Food Coalition Discussion in the Collaboratorium.

“This event raises awareness on issues at Brock and in the community. It is meant to create a dialogue and discussion on the topic of the environment and food and it’s open ended, anyone can contribute,” said Anneka Bosse, a Popular Culture major who is involved with Brock Students for Animal Liberation.

Other events during Enviro Week included a trivia night hosted by the Student Justice Centre and Eco Club on Mar. 16 as well as a tour of the Niagara recycling plant on Mar. 18.

Istafa Sufi, former president of Brock Eco Club, believes that the Enviro Week is a great opportunity to showcase all the organizations that exist on campus and that help with environmental and sustainability initiatives.


“Enviro Week not only showcases student-led initiatives on campus, but it also raises awareness and allows students to get involved in the issues. We realize not everyone is going all out in combating global warming so we want to get them doing what they can. It works out because it’s near Earth Hour and that’s why we lead up to Earth Hour on the Saturday,” said Sufi.

In regards to the student community at Brock, several students were asked throughout the week whether or not they knew that there was a student-led Enviro Week taking place. and not a single student was aware of the effort.

“The organization of the week itself is so strenuous and doing a whole media outreach initiative is a lot of work. The Brock Eco Club is small with about 25 members. Certainly asking the Brock administration to promote the event in the future is something we want to look into,” said Sufi.

Given the recent Paris Climate Accords and constant statistics indicating that temperatures continue to increase to record-breaking levels, it’s becoming more and more important to act on these issues.

“Events like the Enviro Week is how we create a culture for sustainability,” said Brennan.

Nicholas Blasiak
Assistant Campus News Editor

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