Eating healthy doesn’t have to break the bank

Are you money and health conscious while attending university or college? Here are some tips to help strategize your spending habits on foods and healthier eating to avoid that freshman 15.


Navigating health foods can be challenging/

Buy groceries towards the end of the week:
Grocery stores like to try and get rid of their older products towards the end of the week because they get new stock of goods on weekends. Buy your groceries on Thursday or Friday because that is when they have the most deals on products, especially those with expiry dates. If you wait until the weekend to buy your groceries, that’s when all those great deals are gone!

For my smoothie lovers, look for a discounted price on fruits towards the end of the week as well. When fruits start to over ripe, grocery stores will either throw them out or decrease the price. Take advantage of this! Buy those over ripened fruits and freeze them for those days of making pre-workout smoothies.

Look on all shelf levels in the store:
Companies sell their products to these grocery stores and reserve a spot on the main shelves, strategically hoping that customers will look at products that are directly in their eye sight. Next time you grocery shop, have a glance at the top or bottom shelves in the isles, and compare prices as well as ingredients with the larger corporation’s products and the store brand’s- majority of the time the store brand’s products have similar or healthier ingredients for a lower price.

Shop in bulk:
Let’s face it, the majority of us university students don’t own our own vehicles. So when one housemate needs to go grocery shopping, that means it’s grocery shopping day for everyone else too (who wants to take the bus when they can carpool?). Shop in bulk when grocery shopping with friends- you will be amazed by how much money you are actually saving. Places such as Costco sell large packages of products that will last you for months. Buy one, get one discounts are always a good way to start, but if none of those are available for the product you wish to purchase, buy products in bigger packages.

Price match:
Almost every grocery store now allows price matching. Check your mail to see what’s in your flyers this week, and compare the products you wish to buy at a specific grocery store with a lower price you see in a different store. Bring this flyer with you at the store you wish to buy, and they will gladly drop that price down to their competitor’s product price.

Buy juice instead of soft drinks:
You might think that buying a 2L of Coke Soda for three bucks is cheap. However, if you think about how often you mix your soda with another beverage (especially alcohol) it adds on way too many sugars which results to weight gain, and major breakouts!

As an alternative, buy a can or bottle of juice such as Dole or Frutopia and mix it with sizzly sparkling water. It still taste great, and it’s less sugar.

Go out for lunch, stay in for dinner:
I personally love to eat out- but I had this epiphany one day when I went out for sushi with my girl friends, that a lot of the time, restaurants have similar if not the exact same dinner menu as they had for their lunch menu. The only difference is the increase in prices for the dinner menu. So after or between classes treat yourself by going out for lunch, not dinner- still big portions, but lower prices.



Alicia Nelson

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