Department of Music provides recital opportunities for senior students

The Senior Student Recitals are a year-end series of performances that showcase senior students within the Department of Music. The recitals, which began March 12 and will continue throughout the month at various downtown locations, are intended to showcase graduating students from the music program at Brock. The participating students have been preparing for the recitals since the beginning of September.

Negin Rezaei Asl, a pianist taking part in the recitals and soon to be graduate of the program, cites piano as being a large influence in her life since she was young.

“I started piano at age five, so it’s been there since my childhood. I played the flute and percussion before I started piano so it was my own choice to continue and pursue it. I decided to stick with piano because it had this emotionality that the other instruments didn’t,” said Rezaei Asl.

“I don’t talk too much or do many social or fun things so for me, the piano is my way to communicate and people communicate back,” she continued. “People come up to me after performances and tell me they were moved by and understood the pieces I play.”

And what better way to showcase her impressive ability to communicate through her music than performing a 75 minute program that features pieces from Robert Schumann, Johann Sebastian Bach, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, Dmitry Kabalevsky and Frédéric Chopin.

“I was able to choose my own pieces based on the minute of work,” explained Rezaei Asl. “Most major works are around three minutes long, but that’s not enough to showcase the composer and their work. I chose around three major works for each composer to make the feature 15 minutes per composer.”
Brock’s music program is known for fostering musicians and helping them grow by sharpening their craft through unique opportunities and classes taught by esteemed musicians.



The program boasts a number of small classes, which are designed to allow students to participate, ask questions and receive individual attention, as well as offering flexible course combinations in an attempt to let students shape their own degrees. Students in the music program are also afforded the opportunity to learn under faculty with extensive teaching experience, who are dedicated to helping students attain their musical career goals. Additionally, Brock’s music program offers one of the only unique co-curricular experiential learning programs in Canada — Music Ed Plus — that is designed to help music majors prepare for various careers in music.

Some of the music courses offered through the Department of Music include: applied lessons (instrumental and vocal study), music education/pedagogy courses, computer music applications, composition, history, and theory and analysis.

In addition to an already extensive array of opportunities presented to students in Brock’s music program, they are also afforded the ability to be a part of the large number of student featured ensembles in both the Brock and St. Catharines communities. Available ensembles include: Mixed Chorale, Women’s and Men’s Chorus, Wind Ensemble, Chamber Music Ensembles in the Music Ed Plus Program, and positions in the Symphony Orchestra of the Niagara Community.

“I really like [Brock’s music program],” said Rezaei Asl. “It’s a small department compared to other universities and it gives the teachers the ability to concentrate on each student individually. No student gets more attention than another; each one gets their own spotlight.”

The Senior Student Recitals will continue to run throughout the month of March and are free to attend.

Laura Sebben
Assistant Arts & Culture Editor

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