Can you tell the difference between James Joyce and a piece of infamous Harry Potter fan-fiction?

2016 marks the 10th anniversary of the publication of the infamous Harry Potter fanfiction My Immortal. My Immortal has become famous for its unconventional spelling, often incoherent storyline and bizarre understanding of the world.

Another text that has become famous for these three things is the literary classic Finnegans Wake by James Joyce. One of the key differences between the two texts is that My Immortal has received hatred and “flames” from people who treat it like an example of horribly written fanfic, while Finnegans Wake is studied in university classes as an example of literary genius.

Despite the different receptions of the two texts, there is actually a lot in common between them. While one is considered a classic and the other a disaster, it can sometimes be hard to tell which one is which.

There is a hidden genius in My Immortal that a lot of people don’t recognize.

Here are some moments of overlap between the two texts. See if you can tell the difference between quotes from My Immortal and quotes from Finnegans Wake.


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