Campus Store asks students: “Would U rep it?”

Brock University’s Campus Store is currently preparing the product and clothing lines for next year, and they are looking for feedback and ideas from students about what the Brock community wants to wear.

“The goal of school spirit is to have everyone in Brock gear,” said Kate Dudley, the Marketing and Communications Coordinator at the Campus Store.

In order to hear back from as many students as possible, the Campus Store will be holding a “Would U Rep It?” design event on Thursday March 10. The event will feature posters of potential products. Students can say “yes” or “no” to products, styles, colours and logos, depending on what they would prefer to wear themselves. Campus store staff will also be at hand on the floor to gather opinions from students.

“We don’t want people to fear giving negative feedback,” said Dudley. “But on top of that, we also want to know how they would change about [a certain product].”

Students will be able to give feedback on what kind of items and styles they want to see in the store next year / Christy Mitchell

Students will be able to give feedback on what kind of items and styles they want to see in the store next year / Christy Mitchell

There will also be free pizza at the event, as well as other prizes to be won, including prize packs from the Campus Store. The Campus Store has also put out an online survey on their social media feed; participants will be eligible to win a $100 gift card to the store.

This is the first time that the Campus Store has opened up the store to student feedback before finalizing their annual product line. Dudley, who organized and planned the event, is looking forward to talking to students and finding out what kind of products and styles they want to see offered in the store next year.

“It’s about cracking the code,” said Dudley. “We can only get that info from students.”

Students will also have the chance to vote on items beyond the clothing. Many different items, including stationery, gift items, mugs and glasses, will be open for a discussion on what students would prefer.

There’s also a new hat line coming out and the possibility of branching out into jewellery as well. They’re looking for student feedback on these possible new product lines as well. Campus store staff will also be on the floor to talk about the textbook and tech departments.

The “Would U Rep It?” design event is taking place on Mar. 10 from 11:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. in the Campus Store. Students are invited to drop by at any time.


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