Business Student Success

Between competition success and student recognition, 2016 has thus far been a good year for the Goodman School of Business.

At the beginning of January, Goodman students competed in JDC central, one of Canada’s most prominent business case competitions. The competition involves 700 students from 14 different schools. Goodman not only managed to come in fourth place out of 14, but they came in first for the “participation” category. Many of the individual delegates also performed very well in the competition, winning second in some categories including finance and entrepreneurship.

In addition to JDC central, Goodman students also made it to the final round of the Inter-Collegiate Business Competition in mid-January, and two of Goodman’s students won third overall. Around the same time, Goodman students placed first in their division at the Global Family Enterprise Case Competition in Vermont and progressed to represent the school in the final round. Brock students also found success at DECA U Ontario in Toronto.


Later in the month, Goodman students placed second in the Organizational Behaviour Case Competition in Ryerson. Overall, the month of January saw a series of notable successes for the Goodman School of Business.

Outside of competitions, Goodman students are also doing well in the larger business world. Goodman BBA student Johnathan Holland was recently accepted as part of The Next 36 program. This program selects 36 young entrepreneurs from across the country who show promise and talent and provides services and resources to help them succeed in their entrepreneurship. This selection is a huge honour for Holland and a big success for the Goodman School of Business.

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