BUSAC meeting runs through business smoothly and quickly

Feb. 25 saw the shortest BUSAC meeting of the year, as councillors wrapped up business in just under an hour. 17 councillors were present for the meeting, which resulted in very little debate and all motions being passed smoothly.

The first order of business was to affirm the election results of the BUSU executive and Board of Director elections, held just before Reading Week.

Furthermore, BUSAC elections are coming up soon and nominations are now open for a position on BUSAC as a councillor. Nominations will be accepted until Mar. 10 and then the campaign period will be held during the last two weeks of March. There are also two senate seats that will also be open for nomination.

Several funding requests from the remaining Fed-Up levy were also approved. The Student Justice Centre asked for $870.06 for two fridges for the food bank they operate. This will allow them to serve fresh foods, eggs and dairy products in addition to the dry and canned goods they have now.

Brian Horvath, BUSU’s Vice President of Student Services, asked for $16,000 in order to serve four more breakfasts in Isaac’s. At the last breakfast on Feb. 9, over 800 students were served. The goal this time is to serve 1,000 students at each breakfast.

“Not only [is breakfast] a great way to start the day, but since we operate a food court, we can’t offer free lunch or dinner since that would cost business,” said Horvath, in regards to why he wants to continue with the breakfasts.

In total, there is approximately $150,000 remaining in the former Fed-Up funds. As per the Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) that was initially passed for the levy, the money is to be used in order to provide sustainable and affordable food options for students on campus.

There remain three more BUSAC meetings in the semester and with most of business of the year having wrapped up, they all look to end in a shorter time as well.

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