Brock ECO prepares for Enviroweek

Brock University’s Eco Club has been extremely busy, between elections and setting up for upcoming events.

Christa Caverly, currently Vice President of the club and soon to be president, spoke about the exciting up and coming news going on within the club.

“Our focus during this year’s Enviroweek is on sustainability and recycling,” she explained, “We will tabling in Mackenzie Chown Block A throughout the week, where we will be conducting an interactive activity about plastic water bottle waste and ways to be more sustainable.”


Garbage clean up. Photo courtesy of Brock Eco.

In addition to the Monday through Thursday tabling, the club itself is hosting a community clean up from 10-12 Monday the 14th. They will also be looking forward to the Niagara Recycling Plant Tour. The tour begins at 1pm, at 4935 Kent Avenue in Niagara Falls.

The club is evidence of an incredible need for sustainability both within and outside of Brock University. The club is also evidence of sheer passion, as Caverly portrays while explaining what drew her to Brock Eco.

“I joined Brock Eco during my second year because I was interested in discovering the environmental movements that were occurring at the school and in the Niagara region. The environment has always been something that is not only interesting to me, but is a pressing issue for our generation, and therefore I feel it is important to be informed on current environmental issues. Brock Eco quickly became something very important to me as I realized how passionate its members are about spreading awareness on sustainability initiatives and taking personal steps to leave the least environmental impact.”

Milena Talovic, a current member in the club just went through elections and is excited about her future position as Vice President of External Affairs in the club.

“I got involved with Brock Eco because I wanted to be able to make a difference within the school and community, and wanted to get involved,” she said. “Ever since I was young, I have always had a great appreciation for the environment and through Eco, I feel like I’m able to work towards helping sustain it.”

Talovic explained that Brock Eco is important to the institution due to the awareness it can create and people it can inspire.

“There are always small things you can do to make a difference, even within Brock. It’s cheesy, but it’s true and feels great when tasks are accomplished and we become one step closer to a more eco-friendly school [and] community,” Talovic said.


Photo courtesy of Brock Eco. Cozies for sale this upcoming week.

“Brock Eco strives to continually make Brock’s campus a sustainably greener place for students and staff. We aim to spread awareness of local and global environmental issues and victories, as well as support and attend local environmental movements and initiatives in the Niagara region,” said Caverly. “Over the last few years Eco has worked in collaboration with other club organizations and BUSU to improve student life through on campus recycling, promoting the school’s water bottle filling stations, conducting community cleanups, as well as hosting documentary screenings and educational workshops. We are excited for this year’s Enviroweek, as there will be some big events happening both on and off campus!”

Other events during Enviroweek at Brock are DIG’s Seed Start: Planting and Seed Swap, Tuesday in Brock’s community garden from 12-2, Tuesday’s discussion “What is the environmental Impact of Food?”, held by Brock Food Coalition in the Collabratorium from 2-4pm, and then Wednesday’s Trivia Night at Isaac’s, held by the Social Justice Center from 7-9.

If interested in the tour, or getting involved in Brock Eco outside of Enviroweek, students and faculty are encouraged to contact Christa Caverly at!

Jamie Lupia

Courtesy of Brock Eco.

Courtesy of Brock Eco.

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