Brandon Haidon – BUSAC Candidate Profile

                    Brandon Haidon

Student-at-Large (16 seats available)

Brandon Haidon
Second year Economics Co-op
Hometown: Fort Erie, Ontario
Favourite movie: Vertigo and the Social Network


Why have you decided to run for this position?

“I ran for BUSU in the February election unsuccessfully. I was coming into that with no experience on anything with regards to student governance. I feel like getting involved with BUSAC will help me get my foot in the door. It allows me to represent the students to try and make their campus experience throughout their time here as positive and life lasting as possible. I also am running to be able to use my representation as a gateway for students to be able to succeed in whatever area that is offered in terms of academics, athletics, volunteering, etc.”

Why do you believe you should be elected as a student-at-large?

“I believe that I would offer a fresh perspective. Someone who is able to think outside of the norm at Brock and get away from the comfort zone because some of these people have been doing this for three or more years. They all know each other and sometimes that can lead to a lack of productivity and efficiency. I think imagination and bringing in new ideas that some people don’t even think about are my strongest qualities.”

How do you plan to represent the full diversity of students and programs on campus?

“I want to make myself available to any students or faculty and this is the good part of running for students at large. You’re able to hear all student voices and you’re not tied to one faculty. Anything that’s brought to us in the meetings, I’ll listen carefully to. Whoever is giving a presentation I will make sure their plans include considerations from all students and that most students will be happy with the outcome. I’ll hold BUSU executives and other counselors accountable to ensure the policies and ideas proposed are what the students need.”

To the best of your knowledge, what is BUSAC and what does it do?

“BUSAC is the Brock University Students’ Administrative Council. They’re an elected governing body. The BUSU executives will bring forth their platform points, BUSAC will listen, discuss and vote on which platform points should be put into place. If there’s any clubs that want more funding they’ll have a presentation in front of BUSAC and that will be voted upon. Basically BUSAC represents students on a faculty and at large basis.”


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