Arushana Sunderaeson – BUSAC Candidate Profile

       Arushana Sunderaeson

Student-at-Large (16 seats available)

Arushana Sunderaeson
Fourth year Political Science
Hometown: Scarborough, Ontario
Favourite Movie: Mean Girls


Why have you decided to run for this position?

“I’m running because I want to ensure that students’ interests are being heard. I want to make a positive change to the university. BUSU has been doing a good job, but there’s more room for improvement to change the atmosphere of BUSU and Brock as well. At the end of the day I want to ensure that students voices are being heard.”


Why do you believe you should be elected as a student-at-large?

“I think I should be elected because I want to represent the students and make a positive change. Being at Brock for 4 years allowed me to have the opportunity to speak to students and to see what their concerns are and what their ideas are. My experience as being the President of the Brock NDP and being involved in Women in the House Program at Brock and Niagara Leadership Summit for Women and being active in the Niagara Region allowed me to develop leadership skills. I can provide an input and ensure BUSU is accountable for their word. I don’t just take this position as a title, I truly want to represent Brock students and I take that very seriously.”

How do you plan to represent the full diversity of students and programs on campus?

“I have a few policies. One is affordability, food on campus is expensive and we have to bring affordable prices and address the lack of healthy options on campus. I want to ensure BUSU executives have an open communication with undergraduate students. Having BUSU executives email students once month allowing students to know what is going on with BUSU. I also want to help clubs because they are vital to the university experience and push for more club spaces on campus. Also, with the recent scandal I want to bring awareness of the resources on campus, including supporting organizations such as Student Development Centre, The Brock Student Sexual Violence Support Centre, Student Health Services and etc.”

To the best of your knowledge, what is BUSAC and what does it do?

“BUSAC is Brock University Students’ Administrative Council, where we represent students and their interest. We assist with club funding, academics, appeals and many more. We also ensure that BUSU executive are held accountable to the their words and actions.”

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